USC Fans Still Have Same Message During Crisis

Check out the response to Mike Bohn’s tweet about the difficulty he had telling USC athletes they could no longer compete.

14 thoughts on “USC Fans Still Have Same Message During Crisis

  1. I would imagine he threw himself physically on the floor like a child does when they dont get a toy at Toys R Us when he had to retain Clay Helton.

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      1. Haaa. I know. This is a tough break for kids that dont have any access to the internet because that’s really where they have to go now for toys that aren’t at Walmart or Target now without Toys R Us.
        I mean Toys R Us is now gone? Time’s are changing for sure man.

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      2. There are none left. KB Toys was gone long before and any others were gone much long before them. Target and Walmart are now the toy stores.


      1. P. S.
        I’ll also pay $24.99 for someone to photoshop the above picture of Helton and Bohn so their tongues meet at the top of the head of the kid with the glasses…

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  2. That picture was taken right after the sucla victory. Probably would have been a different picture after the subsequent Bowl slaughter.

    And now that there is no more SC football to bash, what will the fans do with themselves?

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  3. I hope u guys taped SC sports. I did. It will give me memories of when SC team’s used to play sports. The cancellation will last until around middle of April. That is my guess.

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  4. Michael, Like I said, I am guessing. Also, if and when they return, they will need at least a week to get prepared. This sucks.


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