USC Suspends Practices, Recruiting

USC announced all practices, camps, clinics and even on-and off-campus recruiting have been suspended until further notice.

I already wrote it was surprising yesterday that recruits were allowed at football practice. But too much is going on to allow that to continue.

“Our hearts ache for our student-athletes, coaches, alumni, fans, and all those affected throughout the world by the COVID-19 pandemic,” USC athletic director Mike Bohn said. “The health, safety, and well-being of our student-athletes is always at the forefront of everything we do. Therefore, our university and athletics department support the decisions made today by the NCAA and the Pac-12 Conference. These are unprecedented days for all of us. I have communicated to our student-athletes that we are here to support them however we can.”

All non-essential USC athletic staff will work remotely through at least March 22.

The NCAA has also canceled the College World Series.

The annual Swim with Mike has been postponed until Oct. 24.

12 thoughts on “USC Suspends Practices, Recruiting

      1. Arturo, Exactly right. They take how many commits the recruiter has, and scale that by the number of stars of the recruits.

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  1. The end of sports?– Well, so be it because I witnessed one of the greatest moments in SC sports’ history when Jonah Matthews hit a long shot to end the game and give the Trojans’ a victory over hated sucla. How many times my heart has been broken over the decades by sucla doing that to SC, so turnabout was long overdue.

    The video of that shot and the players’ insane celebration is on my phone to the day I die. Our boys could not have been more jumping-jack passionate if they had won the NCAAs.

    This corona-virus, or “beer” thing, will eventually pass and sports will return. But that season-ending shot to kill all sucla hopes will keep me spiritually elevated for a long, long time.

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    1. Jonah’s shot will live on. He was so confident on that step back shot. And it couldn’t have come at a better time or against a better opponent.

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  2. The question is , now that we know all these major universities could have lowered costs and offered all their undergraduate classes and tests on line years ago but wouldn’t, will they revert back to the lucrative 1975 era lecture halls and living on campus style college life once this Red China Flu is over?

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    1. I think they make too much money (financed with federal student loans) from students who want the gourmet food courts, nail salons, bowling alleys, etc. on campus.

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    2. I had go work and pay my way through college, so I didn’t get to experience much campus life at CSUN. The little that I did take in was awesome though.


  3. Yes, Arturo, back in the day most had to work if not from affluent families.

    Myself, GI Bill and work, CSLB…’Go 49ers’ ‘Go Beach’


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