Pac-12 Cancels All Sports For Remainder Of Academic Year

The Pac-12 announced today its CEO and athletic directors that all sports championships and competitions are canceled through the rest of the academic year.


11 thoughts on “Pac-12 Cancels All Sports For Remainder Of Academic Year

  1. Meanwhile there’s a strike at Westwood High:

    GIVING IN TO THE SJW CROWD JUST MAKES THEM WANT MORE: UCLA caves to striking students, only to be met with more backlash. “In response to striking graduate student workers demanding higher pay, UCLA conceded and offered the students $2,500 monthly. That was not good enough, and the students continue to strike.”

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    1. I hope the citizens of California stand firmly behind the UCLA grad students’ demands…

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    2. So taxpayers are increasing their subsidies for more PhD degrees in fields that have almost no job market.

      Guessing it is not the med school, law school, engineering school, computer science school, business school grad students who are leading the strikes…

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      1. Don’t be so cynical, 67. In times like these, society needs WAY more U.C. educated metaphysical poets and 3-D animators!

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  2. Where is Mike Garrett when you need him? He’d know just how to push the limits on the ban of “athletically- related activities” —- and give Helton the go ahead to “conduct ‘unofficial’ spring practices” — thereby getting the jump on all the other Pac 12 suckers next fall….

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