USC Gets Basketball Commitment

Boubacar Coulibaly, a 6-10 center from San Gabriel Academy, committed to USC tonight.

Coulibaly, a three-star prospect, also had offers from California, Colorado, Loyola Marymount, Pepperdine and UC Santa Barbara.

31 thoughts on “USC Gets Basketball Commitment

      1. Arturo–as I’m sure you know. the name Michael is derived from Mikha’el —which in the Old Testament was the question (“Who is with God?] posed by Saint Michael to the other angels when Lucifer rebelled.
        I was named after my uncle Michael —-who you would have loved —he was the most liberal Chief Supreme Court Justice any state ever had. He was also a judge at Nuremberg.

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      2. Wow! Those are some serious bloodlines running through your veins. Your uncle saw some things and lived some life, MG. Liberal or conservative, I would’ve admired and respected your uncle. Whatever amount of influence that he had on you, he’ d be proud of you.

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      3. Is it true that Boubacar Coulibaly refused to commit to SUCCX until Andyain’twinning promised to hire Boubacar’s mom as a bozo BB asst. Coach?

        According to those close to the situation, Boubacar’s mom made it plain to the legendary Andyain’twinning, she “ain’t getting or making the coffee.”


    1. Pudly — Owns is jealous of the fact that —whatever else happens —USC will always be remembered as the proud winner of this year’s California Championship…..

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      1. But mighty SUCCX bb finished in 4th place behind 2nd place UCLA in the P-12 conf. Somethings never change.

        Clown U is still OOOOOOOO forever and loving it.


      2. Sounds by owns response that he’s happy not winning the pac12 and losing TWICE to the Trojans.

        ChaChing goes the change that spills outta chippies pockets as he pays for his daily ration of jelly donuts…

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      3. Pudly –Chip’s text to UCLA payroll office has gone viral: “I still get paid whether we go forward with season or not, correct? Please confirm ASAP!”

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    1. You are misguided Sir- in desperate need of psychological help. I’m disappointed that you subject us to vulgarity! Do all of us a favor and take a sabbatical from this website. Your comments seem to lead me towards a diagnosis of Bipolar & alarming concern of validation alongside deep seeded need for attention- Dual Diagnosis. I can help you with your issues JustOwns. My staff & clinic have successfully treated thousands of people in improving their mental health. I wish you happiness in your quest for self improvement- Please!!

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      1. Obviously, bobby if you’ve got time to inflate your self-esteem on this blog, your client base must be close to nil. Give Geo. Tyndall, M.D., the SUCCX pervert, a call maybe he’s interested in making a new friend.



      1. Arturo, great point. They just need to figure out how to feed the big fellas a bit more. Sad that we won’t see Onyeka again in a Trojan uniform. He is something special. Won’t forget that huge dunk he had at about the 4 minute mark against ucla a couple of weeks ago. In the dialect of owns, it was “Yuuuuuuge”.

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      2. 4 yr players as every bit as important to a program as “1 & dones”. Working behind and practicing against the Mobley Bros’s can’t hurt.

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      3. @ Arturo
        If he needs to be taught how to play then he went to the wrong school for that, Enfield is like Gomer, no player gets better under them

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      4. Players like Dirk Nowitzki, Durant, and, now, the Greek Freak, are redefining what Bigs do. Don’t know if Enfield really employs a stretch 4, but they are becoming more in Vogue with small ball taking over the League.

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  1. According to the local newspapers following Boubacar’s team, he is average 26 and 13, and went for 33 and 14 against Oaks Christian.

    But despite being 6’10”, he is only 190 lbs. Maybe that is one reason why he is not ranked higher. But he has plenty of time to add muscle.

    This could be a “yuuuuuge” catch.

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  2. As of 3/14/2020:

    Andyain’twinning is a career 6 – 10 (.400) vs UCLA.

    He’s a career 55 – 71 (.436) vs PAC-12 competition.

    Not bad for 25 + million SUCCX has paid Andyain’twinning.

    Oh well.


      1. Right you are ’67, 6 – 10 is actually a .375 WP.

        Thanks for correcting Andyain’twinning’s ugly, pathetic record vs UCLA.

        Let’s hear it for punctilious, bozo bb Rah-Rah’s!


      2. With 6 as a numerator and 16 as a denominator, how did you get a winning percentage of .400 the first time? Isn’t that always supposed to come out to .375?


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