You Know What Else Got Suspended? Overhyping USC Coaches

The suspension of USC spring practice means fans are deprived of reports how the new coaches are “doing work” and making an impact and energetic and vocal and bringing more discipline and making the right moves.

This is the standard write-up when new coaches come to USC. It happened last year and it was going to happen even more this year. Todd Orlando yells! Craig Naivar is full of energy! And in Texas accents! Vic So’oto is a strapping figure! Donte Williams recruits!

Are these coaches an improvement? Yes.

That’s all you need to say until the season starts. Who cares about antics?

“Being loud can be immature,” said an NFL coach I spoke to this week.

Do media have to act like the new assistants invented coaching and enthusiasm? No.

But it’s a standard ploy to generate enthusiasm for readers.

Remember what past USC coaches would say when a player overcelebrated: Act like you’ve done it before. That applies to administrators too.

Overall, be careful what you wish for because if USC wins 10 games, how does it fire Clay Helton?

9 thoughts on “You Know What Else Got Suspended? Overhyping USC Coaches

  1. No better way to start the weekend than with Covid-19, grocery stores totally sold out, and Scottie topping it off by getting a shot in at the new coaches.


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    1. 67 — Our stores in Maui are well stocked —on the other hand, both appliance service people who visited our house this week had coughs …

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      1. Gotroy22, it is as if the public got confused over the symptoms, which are not so much, the ahem….well, you know.

        Nevertheless, my wife just found out the local pharmacy just received a shipment of toilet paper.

        Leaving now…hopefully I don’t get mugged while loading it in my car…

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      2. gt –Funny. [Of all the dumb fuck stuff people are saying and doing about Corona —the toilet paper fixation is the dumbest]……

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  2. If you’ve paid attention to this whole USC debacle since Clay Helton took over the program, then you know big talk coaches mean nothing. The Trojans were not above and beyond any team in their conference, because they’re not a dominating force. So I’m not sure why anybody thinks a 10 win season is in the bag, because it’s not. That offensive line is weak, and has two new starters at the tackle positions, and will probably be worse then last season. I predict a 6-6 season, and a pink slip for Helton


  3. Due to an Overabundance of Caution, the USC Football Game against Alabama has been cancelled. Bring on the Lobos!!


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