How Would USC Have Done In NCAA Tournament?

How would USC have done in the NCAA Tournament? took CBS bracket guru Jerry Palm’s final projection and simulated the games.

USC, the No. 7 seed, beat Indiana in the first round and lost to Villanova in Round 2.

The Final Four had Duke vs. Dayton and Florida State vs. Gonzaga.

The championship game was Dayton vs. Gonzaga.



24 thoughts on “How Would USC Have Done In NCAA Tournament?

  1. IMHO, SUCCX would have lost to Az (One and done as it were.) in the P-12 tournament.

    SUCCX was no better than a 10 – 12 seed for the “Dance,” and the further away from a West Region slotting would’ve made SUCCX tournament success exceedingly limited.

    Finally, I’m sorry Clown U won’t have the chance to prove my hypothesis wrong.


    1. Remind me of the last game the ruins played again….Oh yeah! It was a come from ahead loss..

      Chaching goes chippies change as he runs to the bank.

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      1. “Come from ahead loss” – Nice!

        BTW, didn’t owns also predict that the ruin football team was going to beat Cincinnati, and San Diego State, and Utah, and Oklahoma, and Trojans and…

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      2. Nostradamus had nothing on this little ruin wannabe…
        Couldn’t be happier that he can digest that last shot until next football season when chippie finally has all “his” guys and they roll to another 3-4 win season!!


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      3. Dear Pisley, remind me how many NCAA BB CS’s Clown U has won?

        Or even better Dear Pisley, remind me of Andyain’twinning’s 8-year bozo record for NCAA tournament participation.


      4. Remind me who it is that C L A I M S to be #basketballschool…
        I can see it like it was last week, dufus runs around screen and falls on big white butt, after tripping on the 3 pt line, letting ball sail out of bounds….Mathews across the top of the key behind a ball screen, takes defender into collapsing toward basket, drains the three! And the only sound from the ruin bench is a muffled ChaChing, as a chubby figure is seen exiting the arena with his half eaten box of jelly donuts…

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      5. Pudly —Maybe our response to my friend Owns should be a paraphrase from The Godfather: “We’re not One and Done. You’re One and Done! You don’t have that kind of muscle anymore!”

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      1. Dear Pisley was so happy today that he gave up 2 BJ’s for a nickel. I’m guessing Dear Pisley needed the extra income.

        Hey Pisley, did you know it’s 15 to 3 twice a day.


  2. Andyain’twinning’s first year (2012 – 13):

    Overall: 11 – 21; P12 conf. – 2 – 16; SUCCX finishes dead last.

    **Mick Cronin’s 1st year (2019 – 20):

    **Overall: 19 – 12; P12 conf. – 12 – 6; UCLA finishes in 2nd place.

    Even better for Cronin’s 2019 -20 team is it finished in 2nd Place ahead of Andyain’twinnings 4th place hand-picked, ATM team.

    Speaking of DEAD, I can’t wait for the NCAA to drop manhole cover sanction on the bozo bb program.

    The NCAA death penalty seems a fitting sentence for SUCCX fraudulent bb program – Andyain’winning whiny ignorance EXCUSE: “I dinna know squat.”

    Does Andyain’twinning whistle while he cheats?


    1. Owns you shithead. How many BASEBALL NCAA titles have the ‘ruins
      won. ? Scoreboard 1 to TROJANS 12. You are plainly an ignorant jerk.


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