USC A “Ghost Town”

A USC athlete tells me it’s like a “Ghost Town” right now about the athletic facilities.

“We can’t even use the weight room and most of the stuff is closed,” the athlete said. “I know some of the baseball players wanted to some stuff and they couldn’t do it. It’s frustrating.”

  • The NCAA has declared a recruiting dead period in all sports until April 15 in response to the Coronavirus.
  • The NCAA is allowing eligibility relief in the following spring sports: Beach volleyball (women), golf (men, women), baseball, lacrosse (m,w), rowing (w), softball, tennis (m,w), outdoor track (m,w), men’s volleyball and water polo (women).
  • That means the athletes will get an extra year of eligibility. How this will affect the scholarship limits in each sport remains to be determined.

11 thoughts on “USC A “Ghost Town”

  1. Now, will kids playing late winter/spring sports get another of eligibility for next year? My friend brought this up. Interesting thought.

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    1. And let’s not forget toilet paper. California housing space is at a premium, so I don’t know where people are storing the 48 and 96 roll boxes…

      No need to buy again until 2021…


      1. Pudly,

        The reason u go to Rite Aid is not only to buy ur paper, but also to buy the best ice cream in the world, Thirfty’s ice cream. I remember when a scoop of ice cream was 5 cents per scoop.

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    1. PT,

      Oh, hell yes on the Rite Aid ice cream!




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