We Have A USC-Alabama Point Spread

USC is a 16.5-point underdog to Alabama, according to DraftKings.

What do you think?

Is the Air Raid capable of staying within a couple touchdowns of Alabama? Will the offensive line protect Kedon Slovis? Todd Orlando gave up 45 points to LSU and 34 to Oklahoma last season. The year before, Texas gave up 45 and 39 in two games with Oklahoma.

It’s a lot to think about. Also, what will USC’s injury situation be going into Game 1?

19 thoughts on “We Have A USC-Alabama Point Spread

    1. The game —if it’s played — will tell us everything (and I mean everything) there is to know about the 2020 Trojans. If they are as mad and embarrassed as they should be about their last outing with Alabama… and fight for ALL 60 minutes…. this game could be closer than most people think. A LOT closer. I’m not saying this because I entirely believe in the new coaches or because I think the O-Line will perform well this season — I’m saying it because I think a proud program can shine for one game against a hated opponent.

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      1. Good point, Michael, the game probably won’t be played at all. The Israeli Vaccine for the Red China Virus won’t be in clinical trials until around July, and the game is September 5th… so we may not get the vaccine out to the general public until months after that. Hard to believe football season could be wiped out too.


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      2. gt –I could see a modified schedule — a Pac 12 South schedule played on the Pac 12 Network…..


      3. Gotta disagree with you, MG. It may or may not tell us how well or how bad the team will play; college football teams are notorious for turning their season’s around or vastly underachieving. We all want Helton gone and he may just be a figurehead at this point.

        To Wolf’s point. Bama gave up 45 to LSU as well and gave up 48 to Auburn- with a more talented roster to boot.

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      4. By the way, gt —If the Israeli scientist quoted in the article you cited is right (i..e., the virus might mutate into something worse), truncation of the college football season is really the least of our problems…


      5. Arturo –Good points, my friend. Let me put my post another way. I think we’ll see coaching inadequacies and O-Line deficiencies —not only in the Alabama game —-but all season long. I’m hoping inspired play overcomes them. [And I’m hoping for ultra inspired performances by everybody on September 5th—as kinda a “pride thing”]…..


      6. Last years team had a chip on their shoulder and couldn’t wait for the season to start.
        This years team has something special.
        Meet Clay’s new line, same as the old line.
        Let’s hope Bohn is running things and Clay is just a front.


    2. Turnover could keep this game close. If SC plays a clean game, they can compete. Bama has more room for error, but could be in dog fight if Troy turns them over often.

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    3. GoTroy22- You are stupid and know nothing about Alabama.
      Mac Jones proved himself at year’s end especially vs. Michigan.
      Don’t be a dumb ass if you have no idea what you’re talking about
      which is evident.

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  1. Online, pounding the ball, heavy runners, and throwing for around 30 times will get usc close in the game. What gets Sc over the top is defense. Our front 7 have to take it to Bama and control bama’s will and line of scrimmage. SC does that, they win. If not and Helton leads, another blow out.

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  2. It makes no difference if Alabama is breaking in a new quarterback, because it’s still USC they’re playing. Nick Saban vs Clay Helton, really ? There’s no comparison at all, they have two completely different mindsets. Saban’s football philosophy is control the line of scrimmage with big tough physical lineman, and Helton’s is the complete opposite. Look for a similar blowout that the Trojans suffered in 2016, because nothing has changed, and Todd Orlando’s not a magician 😂😂

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    1. Fan Boy,
      Orlando REALLY needed spring practice to set the new tone… it’s possible the “magician’s” magic (if there is any) won’t be released from the bottle…..


  3. Just a heads up on current affairs

    We are probably dealing with a weaponized virus. If this is true then it will mutate down quickly. If it is weaponized by design( & there is a gene sequence that looks to be inserted) then the virus’ job is to ‘soften up an area’ before the next stage of the plan. The Ncov19 is not an accident.

    Rumor has it that the California National Guard is about to be activated. I sincerely hope everybody has a plan to be self sufficient for 60 days.


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