A USC-Themed Radio Rant!

Petros Papadakis had a USC-themed rant on a recent USC story.

To listen, click here


I was lured in by the theme of the piece that Bohn was tested as AD. So I was waiting for the breakout moment of the story: they just sat in the lobby and waited for a call from Larry Scott and canceled sports. It was the most mock epic story I’ve ever read.

There’s no story there. What is the story? That you did the same thing every other athletic director did.”

5 thoughts on “A USC-Themed Radio Rant!

  1. Sure, it’s real easy to poke fun at people, Scott —but when you go so far as mocking Mike Bohn for having the rare guts to stand up and proclaim to the world, “I do what Carol Folt & Larry Scott tell me to do….and I don’t give a damn how it looks!” —well, you’ve gone too far for me.

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    1. I have 4 silent comments to your post & hashtags. I’m a mensch & lets just say that I cannot list this post either in your Top 10 of sarcasm nor my favorite of all time “ Dr Hogswilly”. I am just loitering in this space knowing that it belongs to you and 67. Have a great Tuesday Michael!

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      1. Hilarious, gt. A direct hit! The L. A. Times has discovered a whole new category of bravery….


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