Clay Helton’s Play Of The Season

Clay Helton keeps getting praised for being a good person, despite firing 13 assisant coaches.

People apparently forget what a shrewd politician he is.

Did Helton do anything smarter last season than give the UCLA game balls to Carol Folt and Mike Bohn? Also remember that Kedon Slovis did not get a game ball despite setting a USC record for most yards passing in a game.

This was Helton’s play of the season.

What was your play of the season?

9 thoughts on “Clay Helton’s Play Of The Season


    I think any fan of USC, or any sports fan for that matter, should take a listen to this podcast. A half hour interview with Urban Meyer. I think even those who are haters will be very impressed. Might even change their minds. If it doesn’t, something is clearly wrong with their thinking. As I said and will continue to say, I would be damn proud for this man to coach and mentor my son or daughters. Anyone who thinks he has a compromised value system is the one who is wrong. Not Urban Meyer.

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    1. Nixing Urban Meyer …to stick with CLAY HELTON — is the lamest thing Folt has ever done [or ever will do].

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      1. Even more dumb than when Pete replaced Norm Chow with his basketball buddies Nepotism Creation Lame Kiffin and The Drunk Sark.

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    2. Agreed, JL.
      While it is noble for the retired coach Meyer to stay “mum” regarding the Zach Smith debacle, if Coach Meyer is to return to CFB coaching then he and Shelley should make some statement regarding how the situation was handled and why they handled it in their chosen manner. I doubt such clarity will come out, however.

      We can all speculate, and I suspect the Meyers were only respecting the wishes of the former Mrs. Smith. However, some clarity from the Meyers would go a long way to repairing “perceptions.”

      Evidently the former Ms Smith will be soon posting podcasts regarding bullying and her experiences with spousal abuse. Should be enlightening. I think we have not heard the last of this story….

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  2. Actually there are 2 categories here —on the field and off the field.
    Off the field, Scott’s got it covered: Game Balls to Folt & Bohn was Clay’s finest moment.
    On the field, I’d go with hugging and kissing Mat Fink —and telling him he’d be carrying the whole Trojan Nation on his shoulders as he went into the game at the Holiday Bowl [after not giving him one snap in practice].

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      1. Go “F” yourself troy 22. Carroll was the best thing to happen for USC in the last 20 + years. His recruiting alone was superb and he raised lots of
        donations for the university. He is really concerned what you think from
        a know nothing like yourself.


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