Time For A Pete Carroll Flashback

One conversation I will never forget with Pete Carroll occurred in Dec., 2003, when USC had won 19 of 20 games, including an Orange Bowl. It would soon defeat Michigan in the Rose Bowl.

“What changed?” I asked Carroll about the turnaround from 2001.

“I fixed the offense,” Carroll said.

“What do you mean you fixed the offense?” I said.

“I had to fix it after the first season,” Carroll said.

“What was wrong with it?” I said.

“We were running the BYU offense,” Carroll said.

This was a sign of two things: Carroll didn’t like the amount of credit Norm Chow received at the time. And it was an early sign Chow was going to get pushed out, which happened about 14 months later.

17 thoughts on “Time For A Pete Carroll Flashback

    1. Even adjusting for differences in era, that Trojan team would have to be in the conversation for greatest team ever. If they kept their foot on the gas they could have scored 70.

      12-0 Oklahoma looked like they didn’t even belong on the same field.

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      1. I put it right with the 1972 team for greatest USC team ever and in the Top five ever. Hard to compare eras but that team was the best post- 2000.

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      2. When Steve Smith caught that tough pass from Leinart for the TD I thought this is just too damn easy and we’re just too damn good. Oklahoma had no business being on that field but its crazy because I think at the time between the two that had the most all americans playing in one game ever. Something like that if I’m not mistaken but Oklahoma looked the part on paper when the ran down both teams players and their career accomplishments. Tedford and Cal were our only true test during that season. Other than that we never broke a sweat with that teams talent running through teams.

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  1. gotroy’s statement is correct. I remember watching the old ESPN2 morning show “Cold Pizza” on the morning after the BCS title win in 2005. They had Pete on for a remote interview, and he was sitting there grinning in his gray, SC hoodie (looked partied out a little bit, which is fine), and he was laughing and recounting the game and telling stories, as winners typically do. When the host asked him “How about that Norm Chow offense? 55 points!” or whatever he exactly said, Carroll’s entire countenance changed, and he grimaced, and in the same manner as a defensive junior high school girl, he blurted out “Well, it’s the USC offense”.

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      1. Little Petey Pom-Pom up 12 points with 10 minutes to go and BAM, an ugly bozo defeat snatched from the jaws of victory. That game is Little Petey Pom-Pom’s SUCCX FB legacy.


      2. He should never have been there because even if he’s not getting the ball the very fact that he’s in the game is an advantage for us in that situation because Reggie is basically always going to mean 2 defenders have to follow him. Doesn’t matter who called the play, Pete let it happen I say.

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  2. You have a point ’67, however, UCLA BB isn’t OOOOOOOForever.

    One question you mighty SUCCX warrior ’67:

    Patriots vs Seahawks SB…….Seahawks on the Patriots 1.5 foot line ready to win their second, piece of cake, SB victory. So my question is what play would have Norm Chow called?


    1. He would have thrown it also if Ty Detmer was the QB. Pete lost Lynch because he disrespected him by throwing the ball trying to get Russell Wilson the MVP. I would have been pi**ed off and left too.

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  3. Thing is Sammy Ty Detmer wasn’t in the game, Lynch was.

    For me, Sammy 5 points of common sense are worth 15 – 20 points of IQ.


    1. I agree. Pete is just like every coach in football. Cocky. He’ll have to live with this one. I wouldn’t count him out from winning another Super Bowl but his window is getting smaller and he’s not getting any younger.

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  4. Basically what Pete Carroll was saying is that, you have to run the ball also, if you want to win championships, Do you get the hint, Bozo Helton, and your pass happy sidekick, Graham Harrell?

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  5. Pete Carroll inadvertently took SC back to the football stone ages by forced hiring of Kiffin and Sark. Look what both these dweebs did for the program! In fact, Carroll left when the kitchen got hot with sanctions.

    Carroll had his run but was not sustainable. Losing to Jim Harbaugh all those games. literally was manhandled by Stanford. SC should have fired him during the mediocre time period and moved on. He was no Saban of college football.


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