Does Lack Of Spring Practice Hurt USC Defense?

How much will the lack of spring practice hurt USC’s defense because it didn’t get to learn Todd Orlando’s new system?

It will obviously make things harder but it’s not as big of a problem as if the offense needed to learn a new system. Offenses always take longer to learn.

If you go to any college training camp, the defense is ahead of the offense the first week or two. Eventually, the offense catches up.

So I don’t think USC will be hurt too much without a spring. It also might cause Orlando to simplify things, which is always better. And in some ways, the schedule helps. Expectations for Alabama are low so that game is a free hit. The following week is New Mexico, which is like a bye.

8 thoughts on “Does Lack Of Spring Practice Hurt USC Defense?

  1. I think if Orlando can get together with the defense before school is let out, then the captains can lead the team in practices during summer. Also, maybe the ncaa will allow one week during the summer to allow the coaches to go over what the kids need to know before the season starts. It is a hope only.

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    1. pt —USC has already petitioned the NCAA for permission to do what you’re suggesting. The NCAA responded, “Feel free to make the first move….we’ll get back to you later on whether or not you’re getting sanctioned.”

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  2. The important part is that the kids need to know their assignments, different tendencies, who they cover in different packages, who they cover in blitz defense, and get reps in. Kids will have to practice three times a week and defense will have to run plays for an hour to two hours and then look at film. They are behind the eight ball on this.

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  3. Go take a look at the points Texas gave up while Todd Orlando was in charge of their defense, and that should tell you that spring practices make no difference 😂😂


  4. I feel the NCAA should do away with the coaches cannot coach in the summertime anyway. Exactly who does that benefit? Kids need instruction and coaches need to earn their ridiculous salaries, plus it would most likely put a better product on the field.


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