Morning Buzz: USC Upsets Illinois In NCAA Tournament

ESPN used its analytics to project the NCAA Tournament results, but it reads more like it was done by the USC athletic dept.

It has No. 10-seed USC facing No. 7-seed Illinois in a South Region game.

“Illinois entered this game as a pretty substantial favorite for a 7-10 contest, with a 63% chance to win. But USC, led by its defense, prevails.”

How analytical!

But No. 2-seeded Creighton proved to be too much for the Trojans.

“Creighton shoots quite a few 3s and makes a heck of a lot of them. The Trojans have a great defense whose strength is, per KenPom, limiting opponents’ effectiveness on 2-point field goals. The Bluejays shoot USC out of the building.”

  • Petros Papadakis is on a roll this week, taking on another USC story in the L.A. Times:

3 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC Upsets Illinois In NCAA Tournament

  1. “You’re my brother, Scott, and I love you —but never takes sides against ESPN again” (with apologies to Michael Corleone).

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  2. Sorry, but I’m sticking to my original projection.

    USC Men’s basketball would have won the whole tournament.



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