USC Picture Of The Night

Michael Crichton signs autographs at USC’s Health Sciences campus circa 1977-78.

Crichton had filmed scenes for the movie “Coma” there and returned to speak to medical students. He wrote the screenplay and directed the film. He would later become even more famous for writing the novel and screenplay for “Jurassic Park.”

14 thoughts on “USC Picture Of The Night

    1. Wolfie,
      If you ever wandered the creepy, old hallways of LA County General Hospital “back in the day” (and I did so for 4 years) then Cricton’s book/movie would “creep you out” even more! There were bizarre, subterranean passageways from “Big County (the 18 story Art Deco monolith)” to the 600 bed Women’s Hospital to the Psych Unit, etc.

      As a wide-eyed Medical Student I had nightmares of young orderlies etc getting lost in those catacombs for weeks on end…
      slowly dying of dehydration and delirium…
      leaving only a grimacing skeleton….
      hand reaching out in supplication…

      Shit. I’m freeking out myself.

      You absolutely could see how a sinister plot to harvest organs could happen in such a setting. Hell. Maybe it did!?

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      1. Bourbon,
        You brought up some interesting memories for me!
        I remember mostly using the tunnel to go from Big County to Women’s Hospital when I was doing my OB-GYN rotation in medical school. Occasionally you’d see someone down there, appearing like a zombie out of the gloom. Always expected to see an escaped Psych Hospital patient down there; security was nonexistent in those days. The medical school had a medical students “lounge” off the tunnel in the basement, which was always deserted the two or three times I stuck my head in there. I think everyone was too scared to use it.
        You’ve stirred up rather surreal and dysphoric memories of County! I think there’s a novel or TV miniseries idea in here somewhere. Kinda like a County version of the “Upside Down” of Stranger Things.


    2. Bourbon — I know the halls you’re talking about. I remember thinking, as a young prosecutor, “I’m glad most people never have to see this ….cuz you can’t un-see it…”

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  1. If you’re going to mention Michael Crichton today with the current global situation, how about a nod to “The Andromeda Strain?”



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    1. Wait, you’re telling me Hollywood misrepresented something historically and scientifically? I’m shocked, shocked!


    2. It is the teacher in me, gt. There aren’t many dinosaur movies out there and the biggest one ever made has confused students by spreading misinformation.

      Na na na nahh, you didn’t say the magic word.


      1. I found Will Farrell’s “Land of the Lost” far more accurate with the dinosaur depictions.


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