USC Morning Buzz: Clay Helton Asks If You Bring The Juice?

Does Clay Helton write his own material?

It has to be some mid-level staffer that comes up with these lines.

“Ask yourself if you bring the juice?” Helton told the team during last week’s only spring practice. “Cause if you’re juiceless you’re what?”

“Useless,” the team answers.

“You’re damn useless,” Helton says back.

You just know some people in the athletic dept. laughed at the irony in this video.

When has Helton brought the juice the past two seasons? On the other hand, he is an expert at being pretty “damn useless.”
  • UCLA will hold a “virtual” graduation ceremony on June 12 because of coronavirus concerns. USC commencement is scheduled for May 15. Will it be canceled now too?

29 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Clay Helton Asks If You Bring The Juice?

  1. Let me clarify what I meant about “the juice.”

    We get thirsty after practices, so I’ve ask players to bring juice with them.
    We’ve assigned ‘juice monitors’ to bring coolers for the juice, our guys like juice boxes.

    And, popsicles on hot days. We had a surprise last week when JT Daniels’ dad, brought in brownies – that was awesome!


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    1. If Helton actually delivered that dumb ass remark at practice—under the impression it would jack everybody up — he should be terminated. Seriously. That is high school pep talk crap.

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      1. I’m hoping that you will entertain my dumb ass remarks, How many more times do we need to hear Coronavirus to equal the amount of times it’s been said “ Clay Helton needs/ should be terminated/ fired. How does a quarterback coach from Arkansas State become the head coach of USC ?
        Answer- best example ever of the tail wagging the dog- Rhodes Scholar with failing health resignation from BCS selections committee with an agenda that constituted a dramatic letter of how proud he is of his queer son to perceived racism from the state of Colorado. Players convinced Haden to hire Helton permanently. To illustrate further, Swann the dumb ass gives a 5 year extension. Lastly 15 months ago- Swann continued with dumb ass remarks with that infamous memo by acknowledging our deficiencies in staffing,culture and etc. “ Clay has a plan and I believe him” Swann said it- the epitome of all dumb ass remarks. Plaintiff rests.

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      2. Bobby –Haden is hard to understand cuz he’s part of a new breed of man.
        For centuries upon centuries there were no ‘hero to confused wreck’ tales in western history. The warrior remained a warrior from Homer thru Malory to Tolkien. The Bruce Jenner/Pat Haden model is a whole new thing. Maybe 100 years from now —-when we understand this new type better — we’ll be able to comprehend why Pat installed Clay Helton as Head Coach of our beloved Trojans…..

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  2. I can see it now. It’s late in the game against ‘Bama, we’re down by a bunch, Slovis looks like Wile E. Coyote after Roadrunner has finished dropping yet another Acme anvil on his head (that’d be flattened), and the team is broken, bruised and hopelessly out-schemed. But just when you think all hope is lost, someone in the huddle says “hey guys we’re juiceless, and what did coach say when we’re juiceless? Yeah, that’s right, we’re useless. We need to bring the juice! Who’s with me?”

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  3. I’m thinking clay is thinkin they can pretty much repeat the juiceless/useless war cry all the way to a Natty. Brilliant in its simplicity.

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  4. Cheerleaders can get the Coli rockin like old times by egging the opposing fans on with the classic cheer slightly modified:
    “I’ve got juice, yes I do! I’ve got juice, how bout you?”
    Whew! I’m already pumped!

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      1. It was tongue in cheek, I hope you knew that. My point is really this, will anyone have any money left to pay to see any sport ? The unemployment after this is going to be huge, are people really going to spend money on sports ?

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      2. HUGE BREAKING NEWS: President Trump Announces Chloroquine Will Be Made Available IMMEDIATELY ! – Has Shown “Very, Very Encouraging Early Results” (VIDEO)
        March 19, 2020, 10:59 am by Jim Hoft

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      3. If the numbers of infected people begin going down by July —and it looks like we’ve licked it, people will need —and attend —sporting events.
        In the meantime, every time my wife brings in the mail without washing her hands before handing me my stuff I say, “thanks a lot —you’ve just signed my death warrant.”

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      4. gt — Everybody needs to do themselves a favor & look up the side effects of chloroquine. We’re in a real ‘look before you leap’ situation here……

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    1. People are losing their heads because they can’t get their mitts on a 50pk of Charmin. Worries me to think what would happen if people can’t get med treatment for a loved one who’s critically ill b/c there are already 200 equally critically sick people waiting in the E.R. waitroom ahead of them. Media goes all-in with stories about folks dying in wait, and it’s goodbye civility then goodbye society. An acre of land, a well, can goods, seeds, antibiotics, and a vista to peer out from would be a better choice then season seats. Now, if they can clay and bring in a real football coach that’s a whole different ballgame…

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  5. With O.J. Simpson in USC’s background, Clay making this comment and leaving the program open to more jokes and cheap shots is another example that shows Helton is ignorant of USC’s football history.

    Next, he’ll probably try to be slick and evasive and say something akin to “beating around the (B)ush” and not know how people can twist that into Reggie jokes.



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    1. Let me let you in on a secret, marvienna: If losing to BYU didn’t do it, being inane won’t either.

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      1. But then Helton will do the idiotic thing again at the end of a mediocre 2020 season (if it plays out at all) and say “The future looks bright.”



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  6. I am still upset that idiot Helton thanked the Iowa fans after getting his a$$ handed to him. BTW we showed up as USC fans that night and that’s the thanks we get. Please fire this moron immediately! But like MG said, what does this say about the person who retained this clown!?

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