USC Looks Ready To Become Data-Driven Champions

I’m ready to declare USC the Pro Football Focus champions next season.

The data driven website has declared in the past week that quarterback Kedon Slovis “had the lowest rate of uncatchable passes thrown when throwing 10+ yards downfield” last season.

It also reported that USC had the No. 4-ranked true freshman class last season.

These are laudable stats. I’d also like some data, though, to explain why USC won only eight games, got pummeled by Iowa and somehow lost to BYU?

Or maybe why the offense often didn’t perform that great despite all those catchable passes more than 10-yards downfield despite having what many considered the nation’s best receiving corps?

Sometimes, actually watching the game belies the stats.

10 thoughts on “USC Looks Ready To Become Data-Driven Champions

    1. Dear Pisley, it’s true the bozos defeated UCLA twice this 2019 – 20 schedule. So how come the bozos finished in 4th place behind 2nd place UCLA in the Pac-12 standings? take your time Pisley.

      UCLA only hangs NC’s banners in the PP rafters.

      bozo u only hangs “we beat UCLA” banners in the Galen Barn rafters.

      Can’t wait for the NCAA dime to drop on Andyain’twinning BB program.


  1. Clay Helton – Grabbing “Defeat” From The Jaws Of Victory



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    1. Yeah –Hope Charlie & Ed G. & Alv & James & Clay and all the guys who’ve been missing for a bit are doing fine. As Charlie used to say –they’re “part of the cadre.”

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      1. Michael, I thought that I had seen their posts recently, but now that I think of it, you’re absolutely on point ( as usual).
        The real good thing about turbulent times is that we learn how much we need God. Praying for everyone.


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