USC Notes: Rams Release Clay Matthews

Clay Matthews, who started 13 games last season for the Rams last season, was released today. Along with running back Todd Gurley, which was of course bigger news.

  • I know USC is the cutting edge athletic dept. on handling events during the coronavirus pandemic, but this came out today from Georgia Tech:
  • “In appreciation of our season ticket members’ loyal support of the Yellow Jackets, Georgia Tech athletics will be flexible during this unprecedented time. If you’d like to renew your football season tickets but need to discuss an alternative renewal schedule or flexible payment options, please reach out to your ticket office representative or email to receive a phone call from your representative.”

Has USC done anything similar?

6 thoughts on “USC Notes: Rams Release Clay Matthews

  1. Clay Mattews was a force to reckon with in his eariler career. But time does not wait on anyone. He represented the NFL and USC well. I think he will retire. If so, then a job well done. He might make the NFL Hall of Fame. That would be awesome. I wonder if his grandad, dad, and brother are in the hall of fame? That would be cool having three generations in the hof.

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  2. Appears the first sentence of Scooter’s two-sentence “story” on Matthews was written by his Department of Redundancy Department.


    1. ..and your first [and last] sentence appears to have come straight from the Petty Department of Pettiness…..


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