Remember The Measles Game?

Remember when there was the measles scare for the 1988 USC-UCLA game? Rodney Peete was in the hospital during the week and there was even speculation fans would not be allowed at the Rose Bowl for the game between No. 2 USC and No. 6 UCLA.

Peete played at the Trojans won, 31-22.

USC linebacker Scott Ross tackles UCLA tailback Brian Brown in 1988
Rodney Peete overcame the measles to help USC defeat UCLA in 1988.

8 thoughts on “Remember The Measles Game?

  1. Just Rent, do you remember Rodney Peete running down that ugly player saving a td just before halftime? You should, because like all other ideas about SC that you have, there is only one that you need to know. SC owns the redheaded step child called U Clowns Lose Again.

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    1. Peete’s performance in that game was one of the great ones. ucla never really came back after that season, and that was 32 years ago. Personally, I wish they were better, as SC-ucla was always one of the best games of the season back in the day. The entire city would shut down and watch it.

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    2. Yes, I do remember Peete’s rundown tackle. I’ve watched every rivalry FB game since ’67.

      Now PT, do you remember Cade McNown mugging bozo FB 4 times?


      1. ’67 was the first game I watched as well. I believe that the vic bell record over that period is:

        31 dings for the Trojans
        20 dings for the bruins
        2 ties

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      2. Yes, the chump bum that he did was pull a fast one pretending to take a knee. Well I guess SC got back at ugly when SC threw that bomb.
        I also remember McClown puking his guts out against Oregon.

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      3. Troy ( the bum ) Aikman could never beat USC! How did you like O.J.
        dancing and prancing in 1967 you dumb fucla.


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