Illinois Defeats USC In NCAA Tournament

ESPN Brackletologist Joe Lunardi has been live-tweeting his NCAA bracket all day. Lunardi had USC face Illinois tonight in St. Louis.

He had Onyeka Okongwu in early foul trouble and picking up his fourth foul with 17:16 left in the game. And Illinois’ 7-foot freshman Kofi Cockburn scored 17 points to lead the Illini to a 70-64 victory and second-round match-up with Creighton.

Sounds about right for Andy Enfield.

7 thoughts on “Illinois Defeats USC In NCAA Tournament

  1. Since we are in make-believe land, here is a different ending to USC-Illinois.

    Since Cockburn is nearly 300 pounds, Onyeka takes him outside and gets Cockburn in foul trouble.

    Trojans play zone much of the game, because Illinois only has one guy who can make threes, and he plays only 18 minutes a game. the rest of them shoot 30 percent or less. Cockburn can’t get the ball effectively inside against the 3-2 zone.

    Illinois cold outside shooting and tough Trojan D = USC 66, Illinois 60.

    Onyeka goes for 18 points and 11 boards, Jonah goes for 14 points, Rakocevic has 13 and 10 boards.

    On the round of 32.

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      1. Michael, the talent is there. Even playing poorly in the last 5 minutes, Trojans still rung the vic bell against a ruin team on a several game winning streak, and made Pac-12 coach of the year Cronin look extremely ordinary.

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      2. Tend to agree with every word, 67 —USC was on a nice 3 game streak of their own….

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    1. All it took was “One Shining Moment” for the USC Men’s Basketball team and the march to the 2020 NCAA basketball championship continues.


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  2. Flow. Shut the fuck up. Watch a couple comedy movies. Maybe think positively for once? And definitely don’t leave Mommy’s basement. You make the world a shittier place, Flow.


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