USC Notes: Beware Offensive Line Stats

This is the time of year when stats get overanalyzed. For example, some believe USC’s offensive lineman — and such individual lineman — did a good job preventing quarterback sacks.

USC allowed 28 in 13 games, which was around the middle of the conference.

But here’s the thing: USC faced a lot of three-man defensive fronts in an effort to stop the Air Raid offense.

So didn’t that help the Trojans allow fewer sacks with three defensive linemen trying to rush five offensive linemen? I never see anyone mention that. So I just did.

  • Columbia graduate transfer Patick Tape has narrowed his choices to four schools: USC, Duke, Ohio State and Syracuse.
  • Nothing like a simulated USC-Illinois first-round NCAA Tournament game, where Charles O’Bannon, who left USC in mid-December, scores six points.

22 thoughts on “USC Notes: Beware Offensive Line Stats

  1. Ouch!!! SUCCX BB loses a simulated tournament game to Illinois by 18 pts. One and done ugly even in a make-believe game.

    Not bad for the $25million HBBC, Andyain’twinning.

    #”I swear to God, I dinna know squat.”

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      1. 67 — All the bruin boys are outraged: “First voters took our imaginary girlfriend —- Hillary— away! Now we don’t even get to play imaginary ball (well, except for the kind we play after we get tucked in by our step mommies)”…

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    1. USC is 3-0 in Football and Basketball right now with one of the worst coaches in our programs history and an average basketball coach.


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    2. Just rent,

      And ugly, Clowns Lose Again, Thug U, red headed step child doesn’t make the tournament because there wasn’t enough money to buy better players

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  2. Only the bozo Rah-Rah’s would manufacture excuses for a SUCCX make-believe, one and done, Tournament game they lost by 18 pts.

    For $25million, Andyain’twinning can’t win a make-believe bb game.


    1. Only a wannabe ruin would take losing EVERY bb and fb game to their rivals and not making the post season in either sport as some sort of victory… least your little ruins didn’t spell out their initials by playing again… hahahahaha

      As PT would say, “U Clowns Lose Again”.

      Poor, poor miserable owns.


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      1. Dear Pisley:

        Baseball at the “Fungo shot to the Balls” Stadium:

        UCLA 15 – SUCCX 3…..No last-second shot reprieve here.

        Once again Dear Pisley is FOS


      2. Oh yeah thanks for reminding me…but who was it that defeated the undefeated ruin girls bb team this year? Oops that’s right that was us too…

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    2. The way ucla won its games at the end of the season was like watching the Angel’s on their World Series run.
      The better team blew leads and Pauley Pavilion pretended to be a tough environment.
      Pure luck buddy.
      Then ANDYAIN’TWINNING swept the Bruins and Jonah Mathews is now blamed for a lot of broken TVs in the bruin households.
      One of the early preseason rankings have UCLA #13.
      That must be Bill Walton’s nephew or hang around pal that made that call. But ok we’ll see.

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    3. Just Rent,
      U clowns lose again have spent $36 million in four coaches, u have mora, Kelly, Alford, and Cronin. Talk about get lying ripped off for the product on the field.

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  3. Scooter,

    U did not mention the many blitzes that SC saw. Be objective. However, the oline did underperform. When two qbs get knocked out, one for the season and the other for concussion, that is unacceptable. I played oline in high school and it was a feeling that was worse than being condemned to hell when the dline man ur blocking sacked the qb. Simply a disaster.

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