USC Sunday Buzz: Coaches Didn't Need To Speak To Each Other To Win

I guess it’s time for another quick flashback.

On Signing Day in 2005, I met with Pete Carroll about 8 p.m. but for a different reason: To speak about the fact I had heard he was going to take the offensive coordinator’s title away from Norm Chow.

It was really Carroll’s way to push Chow out and hire back Steve Sarkisian. Lane Kiffin and Sarkisian were heard at the Senior Bowl in December plotting for a way to take over playcalling and push out Chow and this was probably the first time I spoke to Carroll about it.

At one point, I remember saying to Carroll, “It doesn’t bother you that Chow and Kiffin are not speaking to each other?”

“They haven’t spoken to each for three years,” Carroll said.

It was interesting that in the midst of USC’s glorious run, the offensive coordinator and wide receivers coach had zero relationship. Even more amazing, Carroll decided to side with Kiffin/Sarkisian over Chow. USC never won another national title, obviously.

19 thoughts on “USC Sunday Buzz: Coaches Didn't Need To Speak To Each Other To Win

  1. Regarding Kiffin, the 2012 ND game is a great example of his play-calling, and telegraphing what he is going to do.

    ND was ranked #1, and Trojans had first and goal in 3rd quarter and had 5 tries (one irish penalty) to score.

    I could swear Kiffin called the same pass play 4 out of the 5 times to Somo Vainuku.

    Did not score and lost 22-13.

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  2. Scott, I spoke to Ted Miller (ESPN) when he was formerly the UW beat writer for the Post-Intelligencer in Seattle, back in 2005. He offered to
    make me a bet that Carroll “wouldn’t win another national championship without Norm Chow”. I didn’t take the bet.

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    1. SUCCX vs Tixas:

      SUCCX up 12 points with 10 minutes go.

      Tixas dings the NC BELL

      Ouch! Little Petey Pom-Pom snatches defeat from the jaws of victory – AKA choka, choka, choka, choka, choka, choke!


      1. I remember ucla had an unbelievable defense in 2005 football season.

        It was so good that they held the Trojans to 66 points in the rivalry game.
        USC could have gone for 80 or more if the starters had stayed.

        ’06 Rose Bowl will always be considered one of the best ever. Yes, coaching staff made some mistakes that may have cost the game.

        But what bowl game did the gutties play in that year?

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      2. 67 — I had to go to Sacramento to see USC blow out UcLa (cuz they were only showing what they like to call the “Big Game” in the bay area). I got to the sports bar maybe 3 minutes after kick off and the score was already 21 -0 USC……..

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      3. Pudly —Can you really even call it a “scoreboard” when only one team scores touchdown, after touchdown, after touchdown…?

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  3. Pete came to USC in 2001 with the great assistant coaches Ed Orgeron and Norm Chow and the program thrived, peaking in 2004. Then Ed left and Norm was fired and replaced by Nepotism Creation Kiffin and The Drunk and the program gradually declined. Pete was so full of hubris he actually thought SC was so great that anyone could run “His Offense”. That was the great mistake of his coaching life.

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      1. Kiffy Goat, Sark and St. Pat, the Holy Trinity of winning SUCCX FB. I’m reliably informed that Dear Pisley had their names tattooed on his junk.


  4. Pete Carroll drank the con-man Kool-Aid that Lane Kiffen, and his Drunk sidekick, Steve Sarkisian were serving up. Norm Chow earned his credentials, while the two buffoons were handed opportunities through backstabbing, and Carroll feeling obligated to Monte Kiffen to give his Son a job. Nothing special about either one of the two, and both fell flat on their face as expected. Let’s see how the two rebound , as far as succeeding as a head coach . Kiffen will earn my respect if he turns the Ole Miss program around , which he probably won’t.

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