USC Time Capsule: 1987

Here’s USC wide receiver Erik Affholter making a catch and run against UCLA cornerback Marcus Turner in 1987. Affholter had a famous/controversial 33-yard TD catch in that game to lead the Trojans to 17-13 victory.

What many people forget is that after Affholter’s TD catch, USC safety Mark Carrier intercepted a Troy Aikman pass in the final minute to seal the victory.

  • USC is a 15-point underdog to Alabama per BetOnline. Every point spread I’ve seen is between 14-16.5 points.

12 thoughts on “USC Time Capsule: 1987

  1. 14 point underdog? So a couple of easy -to -get pick sixes against their frosh QB and we’re in a tie game….

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    1. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a similar situation where they bring in the young true freshman………from MATER DEI. Bryce Taylor has a lot of Bama fans feeling he’s gonna instantly transform them to a new and improved team or maintain the success they are used to.
      I think it won’t matter who the QB is for Alabama. Our O-Line looked very bad against Iowa and that was of course Iowa. Case closed.

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      1. That may be, Sam …. but I hope we get a chance to see how good Bryce is after he’s gotten hit in the mouth twice and done a couple of backwards somersaults ……


  2. Great photo, Scottie.

    Big upset, as ucla was a top-5 team that year.

    Defensive play was huge that day versus Aikman and Gaston Green in second half.

    Sadly, the ’87 team featured two freshmen LBs, Junior Seau and Scott Ross, both of whom left us far too soon.

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    1. Coach Larry Smith has his share of detractors but what he did with that team was pretty fantastic….. I remember him absolutely beaming on the sidelines during our final TD drive — like he knew in advance we were gonna score…..

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      1. He was rolling at USC until he fell in love with a recruit named Todd Marinovich… kind of like when ruin coach Jim Mora fell in love with a recruit named Josh Rosen.

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      2. Yeah, Todd and Josh. At least Todd mostly played his heart out —even though he was 99% nuts. Josh, on the other hand, pulled himself mid season due to morning sickness.

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      3. Larry Smith set USC football back a decade with his handling of TM. The guy just wanted to smoke weed, major in Art and play football. He got in trouble for missing class and testing positive. So many guys got away with so much more at other places.


  3. If I remember correctly, Mark Carrier also had a pick six called back because of a penalty in the 4th quarter. He zigzagged his way into the end zone. That was before his pick to seal the game.

    Incredible to have seven points taken off the board in a close rivalry game win.

    And, additionally incredible that Carrier picked off Aikman twice in the fourth quarter (even though the one with the TD eventually didn’t count).


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  4. 14 pt underdog?
    to BAMA?
    those vegas guys are gonna’ lose some BIG money if the country ever regains any common sense and carries on as this country used to during cold and virus seasons…


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