Not Everyone Hurt By Lack Of USC Spring Practice

Did anyone benefit more from a lack of spring practice than JT Daniels?

It’s like a football team moving up in the rankings because of a bye.

He wasn’t really ready to practice anyways and he can’t fall further behind Kedon Slovis than he already is now that spring workouts appear unlikely.

Like I said before, the coaches say Slovis is the starter. Even they aren’t that dumb. Well, Clay Helton is but that’s another matter.

But Daniels can at least be in a conversation if he is fully healthy. If he is on the sideline, people forget about him.

  • Remember this scene from “World War Z” when the Coliseum gets blown up? At least the zombies wanted to be there. Will real fans want to go in the fall?

14 thoughts on “Not Everyone Hurt By Lack Of USC Spring Practice

      1. I like the way we’re rubbing 2019/20 scores in the bruins’ faces during this quarantine….

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      2. Andyain’twinning’s 6 – 10 vs UCLA is hardly perfect – but perfect enough for bozo bb Rah-Rah’s.


    1. Well, Rico, we can tell you’ve not been there before. After UCLA beat bozo bb 52 straight times it wasn’t no big thing – never has, never will.



      1. Just Rent,

        You just know the history from the 60’s on when Johnny cheetin Wooden cheated all the way up to now. But you should dig a little deeper and know your stuff before you spout your diaherra of the mouth. Back in the 30’s and 40’s, SC had a 42 win streak against the uglies of westweird. Also, SC took 3 out of 4 games in basketball this season.

        Now, you can crawl back into your two story cardbaord box called home.

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  1. Mule is used to self quarantining so his life hasn’t seen much change.

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    1. ONE thing might be about to change in our friend Owns’ life, Cal75 —- he may have seen his last UCLA sporting event. There’s talk that UCLA will be dropping it’s Athletic Department for financial reasons.

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  2. I will return to the Coliseum when Clay Helton is no longer around. I’m tired of watching us beat teams like UNLV making us have to work at it breaking more than just a sweat and having to play kids that should be learning and watching on the sidelines instead of on the go.

    Clay SUHHHHCKS!!!!!

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