USC Notes: Are You An Outraged Rams Fan?

Are you one of the Rams fans outraged by today’s new logo?

  • Agustin Huneeus Jr., who paid $50,000 to rig his daughter’s SAT score and $250,000 to have her accepted to USC as a water polo recruit, was released from prison two weeks early because of the coronavirus.

He was originally sentenced to five months in prison.

By the way, what is going on with Donna Heinel and her case?

  • Braeden Sloan, a Class of 2022 left-handed pitcher from Roseville, Calif., committed to USC today.

Clay Helton did a public-service announcement today:

26 thoughts on “USC Notes: Are You An Outraged Rams Fan?

    1. Arturo,

      I went to Venice Beach on Sunday. I had to get out of the house. It was not packed. Attendance was down around 60% from my opinion. Shops are closed. I saw maybe around 10 shops open walking from Rose St. down to the end.

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  1. I really could have done without the PSA from Helton. Would have paid good money to have avoided that.

    If you haven’t watched it, fight the urge to click on it.

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    1. Damn you, 67! You know what happens when you warn us NOT to do something….!

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      1. Michael, as you know better than anyone here, in every great crime, there is a little guy who takes the fall.


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      2. Michael, I don’t feel bad about it…I mean, we make owns’ life so much better than it otherwise would be.


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      3. Yes–That would be the judge’s sentence….. [but sometimes things happen inside that shorten a defendant’s time….if you know what I mean]…..

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      4. Michael, You remember the Forrest Gump line about the box of chocolates? A fitting metaphor for owns as he stoically heads off the big house…

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      5. Let’s visit him, ok? And bring color photos of the Santa Monica pier that we can press up against the safety glass for him to look at & touch…

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      6. Michael, speaking of Santa Monica, I hear the Santa Monica detective squad is looking to collar owns for a few unsolved “situations”…


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  2. As CAL alum President of the Clay Helton Fan Club, my daily wisdom is:


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  3. You were right ’67, but I just couldn’t fight off the urge.
    What is he, an ad for Nike? At least he could have worn an
    SC cap; and to think we pay $3.5 mil for that.

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