USC Point Spreads For Select Games

It seems like point spreads are coming out more frequently right now.

USC is a 6-point favorite over Washington; a 6.5-point favorite over UCLA; a 3.5-point underdog to Oregon; a 6.5-point favorite over Stanford and a 14.5-point underdog vs. Alabama.

All point spreads are according to BetOnline.

29 thoughts on “USC Point Spreads For Select Games

  1. Scooter,

    You could have taken it a step further and listed the entire schedule. See that is the difference between a St. Paul swordmans High grad and a loyola cub high grad.

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    1. I think we can assume that either (1) USC is favored in all the games Scott didn’t list….. or (2) not all the games are listed yet…..

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      1. BetOnline’s +14.5 Alabama vs SUCCX game spread is like salting a Nevada silver mine for a big profit. Clown U won’t shock the world even in PT’s and Dear Pisley’s dreams.


      1. 67 — Think about what it would be like to wake up to that face every morning….

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      2. 67 –Just heard Harvey Weinstein has contracted coronavirus. Do you think it’s possible to get infected simply by WISHING you get it…?

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  2. What if we don’t play this season?

    I say we tell Clay Helton thanks but we’re moving on bro! You ended on a good note, u didn’t lose to AlabamašŸ˜€

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      1. The way things have went for Clay you would think he already was a coach of the year with an undefeated season. Gotta be the most undeserving man with such a high profile gig to last through all the crap that has went wrong in such a small time. He bought down the Coliseum’s spirit before we could blink.
        Pat and Lynn allowed that but he’s still guilty of being a huge fraud of a coach.

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  3. Speaking volumes on the current state of the Pac 12. Essentially, no Pac 12 Team would be within 11 of Alabama, who may not even be the top team in the SEC. Thanks again Larry Scott.

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      1. Get a grip MG, I’ve never claimed UCLA is an Elite FB team, unlike many halfwit Clownster’s who claim Clown U FB is an elite FB team.

        When was the last time an elite FB team was punched in the mouth 52 – 24 in front of a home crowd.


      2. Michael, per owns’ prediction of ucla holding Oklahoma to 17 last fall — no team other than an elite team could ever do that.



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      3. We have an excuse for that score, my friend…..


      4. 67 — He didn’t stop at the Oklahoma prediction. I distinctly remember Owns saying Chip would win the National Championship AND the Super Bowl….


  4. I wonder what the spreads were against BYU, Oregon, Washington, and Notre Dame this time last year? I bet whoever created these spreads, didnā€™t factor in that USC will be starting two inexperienced offensive tackles, because if they did, two more touchdowns wouldā€™ve been added to Alabamaā€™s victory.


    1. Mike Bohn: “Just because you add 2 more T.D.’s to a 14 point spread doesn’t mean Alabama wins….”


  5. It was 49-24 Owns. Either way we got our *as beat and Clay Helton somehow continues to trick 3-star kids that USC is USC.

    He’s a fraud.

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    1. Sam — I have a very bad feeling that Owns is referring to that OTHER beat down —the one Oregon put on us at the coli….


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