Mike Bohn Bleeds Cardinal And Gold

Mike Bohn was asked by Trojan Family magazine about being a rare outsider as USC athletic director.

Here’s the best answer: “And I can guarantee you one thing: If you were to cut me, cardinal and gold is going to come out of my veins.”

Here’s the rest of his answer: “It’s funny when people say, “You’re an outsider.” I have respected and enjoyed USC athletics since I was a kid, and I’ve had the USC fight song on my playlist ever since they had playlists. I have a great understanding of the league, having been in the Pac-12 [at Colorado] when it became the Pac-12.

“So I really don’t consider myself an outsider. Yeah, I didn’t go to USC. Well, guess what: I didn’t go to any of the other institutions that I worked at.”

15 thoughts on “Mike Bohn Bleeds Cardinal And Gold

  1. I actually believe Mike Bohn, and I think his hands were tied when making the decision to keep Clay Helton. He’s an experienced athletic director, which means he’s going to do the complete opposite of what Pat Haden, and Lynn Swann did. Does anybody believe that Bohn would’ve hired Helton in the first place, or even giving him an unearned extension? 😂 Those were the actions of two inexperienced buffoons, who had no business being the AD .

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    1. All good points —but I’m left confused by Bohn’s answer: did he not go to college at all? Or did he just stay away from Pac 12 schools?

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      1. Given the mess our university system is in (check out the seemingly non stop dumb remarks coming out of Harvard, Yale and Stanford Professors’ mouths), I’m more and more inclined to side with the Hard Knocks U graduates….

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      2. Bohn-head bleeds Kansas Jayhawk Blue, where he played football and baseball and graduated in 1983. Does he think we are so stupid that he can pander to us about USC always being his favorite team? He would jump to KU in a minute if they fired their AD.

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  2. Give Bohn a chance. I truly do think he wants things to get better. He forced Helton to hire better coaches, he hired new coaches for other sports. He did not hire the baseball coach, but they were going in the righ direction. He oculd have quit on Folt when she turned down Myers but he didn’t. He realizes that SC drives the PAC 12. I am cautious but I think he will get it done in time.

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    1. Want to believe you, pt. Maybe you’re right, too…..

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  3. as long as that cardinal and gold paycheck throws the green his way that is how it will be…plus I believe him as to not having to attend to be a fan…lots of ND fans ,right? Think they all went to ND? Same with pro teams, etc…he could have always liked the program…

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    1. Bohn is his own manly man: nobody tells him what to do….least of all a woman.

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      1. If he had any integrity he would have resigned when Carol Folt, Steven Spielberg and Rick Caruso vetoed the signing of Urban Meyer in the name of #MeToo.

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      2. Hey! Ease up, pardner! You don’t think taking a week off and hiding from press and fans isn’t a sign of integrity?!

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    2. Just Rent,

      How is the round mound Guerrro doing for U Clowns Lose Again? He has spent $36 mil on coaches and the program is losing money like a drunken sailor on a night on the town. BTW, Rent, Thug U aka ruinville, aka U Clowns Lose Again aka the biggest cheating program for college athletics still suck, just in case you did not know.


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