Even More USC Basketball Transactions

USC guard Kyle Sturdivant has entered the NCAA transfer portal, according to Jeff Borzello of ESPN.

He played in 21 games and averaged 2.0 points. He also had to deal with the death of his father during the season.

Meanwhile, Columbia graduate transfer Patrick Tape, who had USC in his final four schools, told ESPN he committed to Duke.

12 thoughts on “Even More USC Basketball Transactions

    1. Who’d a thunk it? No ruins in anyone’s top ten in either football or basketball…. hahahahaha! Now that would be sad if it wasn’t SO funny. Maybe wasserman will throw some more money at the problem? Or maybe he is the problem? Wasn’t it he and aikman who did the search that brought us the chipster to LA?
      Why yes, yes it was!
      Does any get less out of their millions spent than the ruins? Unless we count losses…


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      1. Maybe bruins LIKE losing, Pudly….maybe they think of the Chip deal as money well spent….
        [Speaking of broader lenses, what are we supposed to do on Scott’s newest post —there doesn’t appear to be any ‘comments’ section…. is this an experiment]?

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      2. Did scottie ever care about what anyone really thinks? This is just a natural evolution of the way scottie thinks the world should be….

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      3. So…. I guess we need to hang around this post if we’re going to ‘interact’ with each other?

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      4. I think I may have had a touch of it myself, Pudly — I woke up this morning pretty sure that my job, as a Roman Tribune, was to hunt down bruins to fight lions barehanded at the coliseum…..

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      5. Actually Michael, my youngest was infected through one of the two nba players who’d first been reported (she worked with a young lady who had contact with one of them). She went through the illness last week and although she called the county and hospital, neither tested her. There’s a reason the numbers are low. She’s better now, but lacks any sense of taste or smell still.
        Hope everyone stays clean and don’t have to go through that process, to say she was uncomfortable would be understated.


      6. Dear Pisley, are you mad? You should be.

        Clown U has thrown $25 million down the Andyain’twinning BB sewer. The signature bozo BB wins for the P-12, 2019 – 20 schedule: An early win at UCLA and a last-second prayer to defeat UCLA at home.

        BFD!!!! and the Clownster’s still finished in 4th place behind 2nd place UCLA. The 4th rated, 2019 BB recruiting class finishes 4th in the P-12.

        Already, CBB guru’s have UCLA BB projected as a top 20 team in the 2020-21 season. Clown U 2020 -21 BB was no wear in the top 75.

        #So long Oingo Boingo


      1. Excuses, excuses, excuses, excuses, excuses………….

        Dear Pisley whines his same song, 20,000th verse.



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