USC Morning Buzz: Questions You Might Ask Before Entering Coliseum

Yesterday I talked about the burden of USC playing 5 of its 6 home games last season at night.

Here’s new issues for anyone who might buy a ticket next season:

  • Will the Coliseum be properly sanitized?
  • Will you get sick if people are sitting right next to you?
  • Will you get sick in line for food?
  • Will you get sick using the public restroom?
  • Can you touch rails in the aisles?
  • Can you enter the stadium with so many people crowded at the gate?

I want a mask and latex gloves just thinking about all of this. Maybe by the fall it won’t be considered an issue and we can all relax. Maybe the USC athletic dept., after its stellar performance at the Pac-12 Tournament solving the problems posed by the coronavirus, is already on the case.

I bring it up because Pac-12 average attendance last season (46,080) was the lowest figure since NCAA records started in 1978. And now you have coronavirus fears.

I don’t think casual fans are in any rush to test any sports stadium at the moment so it’s not just a college football issue. But it will be.