Onyeka Okongwu Officially Declares For NBA Draft

This is not really news but here is Onyeka Okongwu’s statement on declaring for the NBA Draft.


8 thoughts on “Onyeka Okongwu Officially Declares For NBA Draft

  1. Lottery pick, so it is a clear choice. Wish him the best. IMHO, Onyeka was one of the most exciting college players to watch this past year, including outside of the Pac-12.

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  2. Wow!
    I think he is not developed enough to be much of a factor early in the NBA ..If you watched his games this year he was not very effective against strong post players that were at least his height or taller.
    If Chimeze Metu is still in the D League where does that put Big O in two years.
    Of well, if that type of money is offered why stay in college. I guess the NBA has alot of money to throw around with the word potential. To me he has talent but no more than Ron “Spoon” Riley, or Cliff Robinson who were great college players, but had below average NBA Careers.
    Take your money Big O and run but do plan for the future the NBA is a very tough world no matter how high you are drafted.

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    1. Agree completely. He has no shooting touch away from the rim.
      Too much foul trouble in big games. That’s what it is money driven
      if he can make a roster.

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    2. I would agree wholeheartedly with your comments and I would like to add two more names that would put your post to all-star status only in the league of Michael & 67. Besides “Spoon” & Cliff Robinson ( my all time favorite) you need to add Harold Miner ( Baby Jordan) & to me the most underrated player ever at USC- wait for it——Wayne Carlander! Excellent comments- I salute you Sir!


  3. I thank all of you for your positive responses to my thoughts on Big O.
    I think we all wish him the best of luck in the NBA, and hope that his game will develop enough to have a long career on an NBA roster. The immediate financial reward I am sure made this an easy decision as it would for most of us.
    For the future of USC basketball we need to recruit more 3-4 star recruits who will stay at least 2-3 years , and develop them in order for the program to be a consistent winner year and year which is what we all want.
    The NBA Development league where alot of our “overhyped” players land gives kids the false hope they can leave college early, and then make it to the league quickly which has not been the case Unfortunately, “most” that are forced to play in the Development league look back, and wish they had stayed in college at least another year. Chimeze Metu, is an example if he does not make it in the NBA in the next year he will probably quietly go to Europe, and then retire.
    A change in our recruiting philosophy is needed. We seem to think recruiting is just acquiring a “one and done’ player, and then never fill in the rest of the parts to insure long term success of the program. I have watched Evan Mobley our top recruit next year who will be gone after 1 year. No way is he a program changer, nor will he take us to the final four. Sadly, he is not a strong enough player to even take us to a Pac 12 title. Simply, he is a good player with high potential, but we need 4 other 3-4 star good players to build the program not 1 over hyped superstar. We need 5 parts to complete the puzzle in recruiting . Issuing 1 scholarship to a superstar basketball recruit each year, and giving him a free education, and a free ticket to the NBA in one year is not working for USC, but it has for Duke and Arizona who recruit 5 every year probably with cash. .After all, Coach Stan Morrison won our last Pac 12 championship over 30 years ago with mostly jr’s and sr.’s on the roster:
    Wayne Carlander, Clayton Olivier, Ron Holmes, Larry Friend, Derrick
    Dowell were all low profile recruits except for Carlander. I”m Just Sayin:
    NONE of those players played in the NBA but they were a TEAM because they played together for 4 years. Wake up Andy Enfield build a program with players not 1 blue chip recruit annually. It looks good you have put players in the NBA, but how many Pac 12 Titles have you one with one great player each year. You were hired to win championships not how many kids you put in the NBA. or in our case the Development League.


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