USC Pro Day Another Event That Got Canceled

USC was supposed to hold its Pro Day today.

There’s been some big ones at USC: The Matt Leinart-Reggie Bush Pro Day drew thousands to the track stadium and people then lined Howard Jones Field to watch Leinart throw. Matt Barkley’s Pro Day was televised live by the NFL Network and so was Sam Darnold’s Pro Day.

But this one was more important for prospects who may or may not get drafted, like offensive tackle Drew Richmond.

All over the country, it’s the mid-round or late-round prospects who are getting hurt because they can’t impress NFL coaches and scouts. They can’t make a breakthrough. While everyone was watching Leinart throw at his Pro Day, the New England Patriots saw enough of Matt Cassel throwing at Howard Jones Field to draft him in the seventh round.

It’s just another side effect of the coronavirus.

2 thoughts on “USC Pro Day Another Event That Got Canceled

  1. Austin Jackson, and Michael Pittman Jr. will be the only players drafted off of that team, so no biggie. And stop with the Drew Richmond nonsense, because no NFL team is going to draft a 25 year old, mediocre offensive lineman. That sounds like some B.S. Bozo Helton was feeding him 😂

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