Why Didn’t USC Use Onyeka Okongwu More?

With Onyeka Okongwu declaring for the NBA Draft, here is a comment by Andy Enfield this week:

“He never asked me to run a play for him. He just went out and earned what he got.”

Enfield actually highlighted something I have been getting at all season. USC had a top 10 pick who lived up to the hype and shot 62 percent from the field.

So why didn’t Enfield get Okongwu the ball more often? Like every possession.

It was a mystery why USC did not run plays for Okongwu. Opposing coaches had to be thankful Enfield did not do more with Okongwu.

Maybe if Okongwu had been featured more, USC would have done better than finish four in the Pac-12.

24 thoughts on “Why Didn’t USC Use Onyeka Okongwu More?

    1. Michael, this is a little-known component of common core math, which goes like this: “If two teams tie for 3rd place, and one of the teams is USC, then USC is in fourth place.”


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      1. …I guess it’s better than 5th….

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      2. SUCCX bb, so hard up for suxxcess they’ll split hairs for a better finish and they still wind up at UCLA BB’s rear. Well, as Dear Pisley is wont scream -ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.


        #Auld 6 – 10, .375 andyain’twinning


    1. ucla? The same ucla team that struggled to score 50 in their final game of last season? Sheesh, they are supposed to finish first next year?

      Perhaps they are banking on recruit Dashien Nix to be their savior.

      By the time Nix enrolls, the ruins will have shut down all athletic activities. Their athletic budget was already gone even before Corona. Will get worse from here on out.

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      1. The only thing that might temporarily forestall UCLA going into receivership would be Chip donating back roughly ten million…..

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      2. Michael, you are 100% right. Chip has invested a massive amount into the donut industry, just to make sure that they can ride out the Corona storm.

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      3. He’s a better man than me, 67 –I’m ashamed to say I haven’t lifted a finger for the donut industry….

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      4. The difference betwixt Clown U and UCLA – UCLA knows how to pull the trigger.

        #UC Davis thanks Clown U for the $1million buyout. The thing about this loser bozo transaction is it can’t be blamed on the Sainted Pat Haden.



      5. 67- You & Michael are the best period. Your comments are witty and very intelligent- I Thank You. Approximately 5/6 years ago UCLA signed the largest deal ever with Under Armour for a record of $280,000,000.00 dollars. Approximately $120,000,000.00 has been spent on buyouts of Jim Mora & staff,hiring Chip Kelly & new staff. Also the buyouts of Steve Alford & staff adding to that the hiring of Mick Croin & staff.. Results- lowest attendance ever for football & “China Gate “ President of the United States needing to come rescue 3 basketball players. Just Asking – was the Corona Virus payback?

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  1. Ha!

    Michael, let’s both resist the urge to bail out the donut industry.

    It is in Chip’s best interest to let it go under. He’s already maxed out in terms of bra size.


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    1. I don’t want to see Chip and skid marks in the same sentence? Oh God!

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      1. You are undoubtedly right mule. You like beer farts my friend?



      1. I don’t know MG, 3/4 of bozo students and alumni are refusing to attend Clown U fb games. Lest you forget the 4 – 8 bruins also had a better FB recruiting year than the bozos – and that’s got to sting.


  2. Scott stop pushing something that isnt true. USC relied on Onyeka extensively. Some (most) games he was all we had. This is a false narrative.

    Good luck to Onyeka. He was as dominant player as USC has had in decades.


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