Who Is The Next Great USC Offensive Lineman?

USC coaches have been active on twitter. Graham Harrell said Tuesday he believes USC has the ” best staff in the country.”

And then there is this tweet from Tim Drevno, which seems generated by a digital media support staffer.

It also points out the obvious: When has USC produced a great lineman since Tyron Smith, who was drafted in 2011?

If you want to point USC’s great history, it also shows none of these coaches or anyone else has produced an NFL star lineman in nearly 10 years. Who’s next? That’s the question fans have for Clay Helton and Drevno.


11 thoughts on “Who Is The Next Great USC Offensive Lineman?

  1. Don’t understand the statement “Since when has USC had a great OL after Tyron Smith in ’11?”

    Matt Kalil was the 4th pick in the ’12 draft and was in a pro bowl. Several other OL were drafted since that time.

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      1. Sam — Hobbi was embarrassed ….but it was Barkley who got beat up…


      2. Michael, remember how Lame Kiffin cruelly kept him at Center when it was obvious to everone in the stadium he was overmatched and it destroyed his confidence? Kiffin could have moved John Martinez over from RG to Center… but no!!!!!!!!!!!!Poor Hobbi was so demoralized by that punking on national television that he soon gave up being an offensive lineman and tried to become a TE….https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/usc-center-khaled-holmes-mounts-post-stanford-defense-of-understudy-cyrus-hobbi/

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      3. Man, are you right on this one. Kiffin couldn’t see how unprepared his o-line was for Stanford. & Hobbi never got better either, gt —- I remember he took a shot at redeeming himself as a Theater Arts student… but that didn’t go spectacularly either…


    1. We’ve also been embarrased by not being considered by the best OT’s each year while Oregon is picking up momentum as the school on the west to use their official visit on.

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  2. Clay Helton’s football philosophy has never been that of dominating at the line of scrimmage, regardless of USC’s tradition, and reputation. He’s always put an emphasis on receivers, not offensive lineman, which is why the Trojans are a finesse team now. And since that offensive line is a glaring weakness, everyone thinks all Tim Drevno has to do is coach them up… Really? 😂 I can’t wait to see how that works out for them, because SC’s key to winning, is to protect their quarterback.

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