USC Time Capsule: 2001

The game that really made people believe in Pete Carroll was USC’s 27-0 victory over No. 20-ranked UCLA.

The Trojans were clear underdogs and still recorded their first shutout over UCLA since 1947.

“To start 1-4 and to finish well is big,” USC QB Carson Palmer said. “To beat UCLA, who had been talking about the Rose Bowl, is huge.”

USC tailback Chris Howard crosses the end zone during 27-0 victory over UCLA.

10 thoughts on “USC Time Capsule: 2001

    1. Historically…..they get to rent the locker rooms until USC usually forces them to clear out and leave for the annual Rose Bowl Game.

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  1. Ranking college football’s richest, poorest programs
    by Brad Crawford
    15 hours ago

    36. USC ($50 million)

    247Sports take: USC is fading fast. This number includes a 5-7 season when Clay Helton’s seat got really hot. Once a program that ranked inside the Top 20 nationally in revenue as an annual power, the Trojans have fallen on extremely rough times financially and dropped 12 spots in this revenue ranking over the last fiscal year.

    UCLA was #50.

    5. Ohio State Buckeyes ($115.1 million)

    4. Notre Dame Fighting Irish ($115.5 million)

    3. Michigan Wolverines ($122.3 million)

    2. Georgia Bulldogs ($123.1 million)

    1. Texas Longhorns ($156.1 million

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    1. Sam —No need to email anything….Clay is VERY aware of what he’s done…..and it doesn’t make him the least bit embarrassed….. and it sure as hell doesn’t make him wanna resign…..

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      1. You can blame Helton, but the nexus of continual error and miscalculation lay with the BOT and Administration, Helton is simply the manifestation of incompetence that rules USC. You can change parts of a broken system (Philosophy) but you will have the same results, until the SYSTEM is changed there will be no improvement.

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      2. This appears to be the goal of Rick Caruso, Steven Spielberg and Carol Folt. Only 9 more spots to go before USC becomes The Stanford of the West.

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      3. Factor 13 — I wouldn’t blame Helton …..EXCEPT for the fact that his whole coaching career at USC has been one long passion play, starring Helton as the humble, mistreated holy man who is mistreated for preaching God and Family. Accepting the amount he gets for the job he does is unholy….and, yes, I’m old fashioned enough to reserve the right to blame him personally for that.
        [But, as usual, you are SO right about the larger problem: Incompetent President and Board]…..

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