USC Morning Buzz: Defense Gets To Learn New System In Less Time

A coach who is familiar with USC’s defensive personnel said with spring practice unlikely, new defensive coordinator Todd Orlando needs to keep his schemes simple heading into the practice.

“He probably won’t have enough practices to install a complicated defense,” the coach said. “He should just worry about being simple, simple, simple. He would be smart to try and fit the personnel, and not force them into a rigid system.”

Orlando ran a 3-4 defense his first year at Texas and then a 3-3-5 defense in 2019. He also ran a 3-2-6 dime defense.

“I don’t care what he runs, the players need to know what they are doing,” the coach said.

If USC never gets those 15 practices back in May or June, it will need to learn Orlando’s schemes in August. Not ideal when Game 1 is vs. Alabama.

13 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Defense Gets To Learn New System In Less Time

    1. Budda,

      In the old days with Mckay, when the team probably did not work out like they do as of today, the players would show up and on the first day they would hit. With this year, I think, they should hit as soon as possible. It takes time to adjust to hitting and being hit. If you lay off until the last week of fall camp, your body is recovering from the from that hitting during the game and you won’t be up to speed physcially or strength wise.

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      1. Let the 1’s on defense start hitting the 2’s on offense whenever we finally start practicing….we can’t afford to lose anybody on offense…..


  1. USC has two, or three weeks of physical practice to prepare for the season opener just like any other power 5 program. The beat down they’ll receive against Alabama won’t have anything to do with down time, or learning a new defensive system. Because if it does, then New Mexico should roll past them too. Excuses, Excuses, Excuses !!! 😂😂


  2. Hate to break the news but likely 2020 college football season will be modified. One recommendation is to play 9 game season with 8 games in conference and 1 non-conference. Conference championship games remain along with the bowl games. The interesting twist is 8 team playoff with 5 represented by Power 5 and 3 at-large. This is from a trusted source.

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    1. That’s fine with me if one of the games dropped is the Alabama Opener….
      Let’s play our Pac 12 South schedule, plus Cal, Stanford and Washington.
      Skip the trip to Oregon.
      And save our best for Notre Dame.

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      1. MG, what happened to the loud SUCCX fb boast: “Anybody, anywhere, anytime.”

        So now it’s anybody, anywhere, anytime as long as it’s a cupcake FB team.


  3. Oh no MG, does that photo offend?

    You know what offends me, Dear Pisley’s pix and the Rah-Rah CS Hillary banter – not blog fair.

    So, my pix is just to remind the Rah-Rah’s there’s a flip side to the Hillary coin. Hope you don’t mind?


      1. But she’s been verbally abused and disrespected w/o reason.

        As I recall MG political commentary was ruled out of bounds on Wolf’s blog. I’ve done my best to adhere to the blog rule.

        However, Dear Pisley, an ugly loser with limited intelligence, doesn’t abide by the rule. And on occasion, my friend, you encourage Pisley propensity for dishonorable ignorance.

        What’s good for the goose isn’t for the gander?

        Stay healthy MG.


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