Now We Know Why USC Needed More Support Staff

USC said it desperately needed extra football support staff, including digital media people.

Well, it’s obvious the coaches are not producing their own tweets. The question is whether this will cause a recruit to go to USC? But when you aren’t winning, you need to be creative, I guess.

On the other hand, does anyone think Graham Harrell is actually creating this tweet?

18 thoughts on “Now We Know Why USC Needed More Support Staff

  1. Here is the tweet that Scottie would have preferred:

    Welcome to USC!!!

    🏆A head coach nicknamed Gomer!
    🏆2019 Pac-12 South Runner-Up!
    🏆78th ranked Defense in D1 !
    🏆Rarely are 11 men on the field for special teams!
    🏆Where the President and AD are called “Coach”!
    🏆Unlike westwood, we have a 100 yard practice field!
    Fight on!!

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      1. Mom must’ve run to the store to but more TP for scottie, and he’s up stairs raiding the liquor cabinet….
        Nothing like Sloe Gin and peppermint schnapps

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    1. Old news. He isn’t ranked by Rivals or in State. He listed at 6′:3,” rather smallish for CBB guard. Oh well, any port in a storm for Andyain’twinning!

      What Thomas parent did Andyain’twinning need to no show employ to land Thomas?



  2. Sammy, beating UCLA BB twice isn’t the goal of Clown U BB.

    The goal is to finish 1st in the P-12 BB conf. schedule.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but Andyain’twinning, sporting the #4, 2019 bb recruiting class, finished tied for 3rd place BEHIND 2nd place UCLA.

    UCLA Coach Cronin was voted P-12 Coach of the Year w/o a single recruit of his own on the team.

    Andyain’twinning lost a simulated NCAA tournament game vs Illinois by 18 points – the old Clown U one and done WeSUCC act.


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