USC Admissions Gets 6,000 Fewer Applicants

Are USC’s scandals finally catching up with admissions?

USC announced today it had nearly 60,000 applicants for the Class of 2024 and accepted 9,535 students. USC said the acceptance rate was 16 percent.

This breaks a recent trend for USC.

Let’s compare below:

In 2019, USC had a record-breaking 66,000 apply and accepted only 11 percent.

In 2018, USC had 64,256 applicants and accepted only 13 percent (8,258).

The last time USC had a 16-percent acceptance rate was 2017.

11 thoughts on “USC Admissions Gets 6,000 Fewer Applicants

  1. Four-star Malik Thomas commits to USC for the 2021 Basketball Recruiting Class. 6-3 190 Shooting Guard from Damien High School La Verne. He plays on the Compton Magic AAU Team with Reese Dixon Waters who committed early this week. The 2021 class is getting started fast and it makes the program look desirable so good job!

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    1. It’s early Sammy and the bozos still don’t know about the upcoming NCAA Blanton sanctions. If the bozos are lucky they might serve their sanctions during the quarantine.


      1. The reason everybody’s coming is word has been out for over a month that USC beat sanctions….

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  2. Funny MG, I don’t mind being the last know, but I do need a factual Ref. that SUCCX bb will get an NCAA pass ’cause Andyain’twinning didn’t know squat. MG, did the Criminal defendants ” I didn’t know squat” excuse work during your 300+ criminal prosecutions?

    I wonder MG if Andyain’twinning has mentioned the possibility of NCAA SUCCX bb sanction (s) and explained its implications to his #1 2021 bb recruiting class?


    1. The NCAA has issued Andy an apology for even thinking he did anything wrong [Andy hasn’t said yet whether he accepts their apology — and hinted he may be suing for several hundred million dollars]. All the major sports outlets have been covering the story for the last 3 weeks.

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      1. Googled “NCAA apologizes to Andy Enfield”…….Goose egg. There’s a reason Sharks offer Lawyers Professional Courtesy.

        For the class of 2024, UCLA had 135,000 applicants and admitted approx. 13,700 new students.


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