United Airlines Strikes Again

Here’s a story from USA Today on how airlines issue refunds when they cancel your flight but one is playing hardball . . . United.

Are you surprised?

And they nearly had their name on the Coliseum last year and still have their name on the field.

Did I mention United CEO Oscar Munoz is on the USC Board of Trustees. The only regret USC has is that it did not get the millions it secured for Coliseum naming rights.

6 thoughts on “United Airlines Strikes Again

  1. United had awful customer service before Corona so this is no surprise.

    But ticket holders ultimately will be compensated, though maybe not made whole in cash. The compensation will come from Uncle Sam, not United. That is what United is waiting for.

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  2. Not true , i have cancelled 2 flights in last two days . One to Calgary in April and one to Newark in May . Received credit for both online . Can book using credit within next 12 months

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      1. Ha! [Remember Ben Stiller bragging how cheap flights to Afghanistan were in the updated version of Walter Mitty]?

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