USC Looks Like A Tough Ticket

Does anyone believe those green dots are the only current available seats in an upper deck end zone section of the Coliseum?

That is all that is available on the USC website right now.


13 thoughts on “USC Looks Like A Tough Ticket

  1. I love USC football –and I’ve paid a few pennies for good seats for me and my friends over the years —but I’m not sure I’d want to pay $150 to sit in Section 213, Row 8 to watch the New Mexico Lobos play football……

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  2. You know, $150 seems like a real deal to me.
    I think you fans are going to really enjoy the 2020 edition of USC Trojan Football.
    Coach Folt, Coach Bohn and I going to see to it that it will be the best ever.
    Just think, JT will be back at the helm, his commanding presence back 7 yards behind center, and maybe we’ll get Stepp some carries too. It’s going to be grand.
    So sign-up and pay-up, its gonna be really great!!!

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      1. Interestingly, Trojans could have the best backfield in the country with Stepp and Christon next year. And if Slovis could learn to deliver the ball more quickly to avoid the rush, plus there is still a lot of WR talent despite losing Pittman…


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      2. 67 — Drevno not only hears you —he’s saying “love it, mac…”

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      3. The only thing that is truly great about USC football is terrible coaching wasting tremendous talent. I’m afraid that 67- is drinking the “ cardinal & gold kool-aid”. Don’t forget about the terrible side effects- I called for Helton’s firing prior to the Ohio State Bowl game on Scott’s prior site that Michael can attest to. This debacle can be explained in a few simple words-Great Symphony- Worst Conductor. I’m extremely experienced in this venue for years I am season ticket holder for the Hollywood Bowl & it’s the conductors job to make the sounds meaningful to one’s soul. I’m guessing that most on this blog will find football a lot more meaningful than classical music however the method ones anger derives from constant disappointment and thinking this season will be different is why Mental health professionals have permanent job security.


  3. More seats will open up once the Season Ticket Renewal Deadline ends and all the Non-Renewals become available


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