USC Working On Coronavirus Vaccine

A USC research team is working on a vaccine for the coronavirus, the university announced.

The team is trying to isolate human antibodies that successfully fight the viral infection in order to create working therapeutic treatments to improve recovery times for COVID-19 patients, according to researchers.

Pin Wang, a professor of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science and Biomedical Engineering, is leading the research team.

Wang said the team is “hoping we’ll have a very potent product compared to other vaccine platforms.”

Wang’s potential vaccine is known as a vectored vaccine and does not contain the harmful components of original viruses, which has safety benefits.

A full story can be found here.

19 thoughts on “USC Working On Coronavirus Vaccine

      1. Crap! I’m not sure I’ve ever seen somebody run harder inside the 10 yard line than that kid.

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      2. He’s got great hands and runs good routes out of the backfield too..need at least one more RB in this class, and maybe a transfer too.

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      3. Come on! For everybody’s sake –let’s get past this fricking virus! [btw, I want to be watching Trojan football in December —not the World Series].

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    1. Know what I just realized? All the College Football Magazines —including Phil Steele, who prided himself on sending his scouts out in March, April and May —- are gonna have to go about their pre-season rankings without the benefit of watching practices. This year’s Athlon, Sports Illustrated, Lindy’s, Etc. rankings are gonna be more of a crap shoot than ever.

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      1. Michael, excellent point on lack of spring practices and the ranking services. And your Scottie ranking is likely right on the money.

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    1. Fake news. Insufficient testing has been done — and some undesirable side effects in trials.


  1. I laugh at some of the sites……they compare him to Reggie Bush. This is a solid running back that programs like Michigan would use as front line. Bama and LSU would use him as a sub. He is perfect for the passing circus as a blocker and catching the ball in the flat. Keeps the other side linebackers in because he will be playing with 220 pounds between the tackles. Has some elusiveness. Will he be flying down the sidelines in a wheel route. No. He does not possess breakaway speed. More of a Walter Payton type. A masher between the tackles. Which will work well for us in the light weight pac 12.
    Is he elite… He fits what Helton is able to get.

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    1. Good description. Not breakaway speed, but a great shuttle time (agility test) of 4.07. And speed, agility, strength, size should all improve.

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      1. Afraid Fred is making a good point —-4.6 40 speed doesn’t make him into Reggie. But he’s still a solid addition…. and will help at the goal line when he puts on 10 or 12 more pounds.

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