Sunday Buzz: Mike Bohn Will Be Judged On One Thing

We can praise/criticize Mike Bohn for the next eight months but the only thing that really matters from a football perspective is what he does with Clay Helton.

If USC manages to win 9/10 games and Bohn has the guts to fire Helton, he will deserve praise and the “you all just needed to patient while Bohn fixed things” crowd in the athletic dept. will be proven true. If Bohn hires Luke Fickell, as some as saying too, even better. USC will be ready to roll.

But . . . if the a 9/10 win season is used as a reason to bring Helton back, then everything will just have been propaganda. The fact that Bohn wants time to fix the athletic dept. is no excuse if he retains Helton. And Carol Folt won’t be a valid excuse either.

She may have kept Bohn from hiring Urban Meyer, but if he can’t make a change in November/December because of Folt, he should resign.

There are a of excuses at the moment. USC doesn’t have the money. The athletic dept. was in disarray. Bohn got hired too late. Folt didn’t want to hire Meyer.

But this is a new season. No more excuses.

  • USC received a commitment from four-star tailback Brandon Campbell from Katy, Texas on Saturday. The Class of 2021 has five commitments with four that are four stars.

This is good for the future. But it’s also what a marquee program with a tradition of greatness should do routinely. So if you see someone from USC tweeting in celebration, they should realize this should be par for the course to get four stars. Even worse is when people who had a hands-on role in the disastrous recruiting class of 2020 celebrate. What have they been doing the past year?

15 thoughts on “Sunday Buzz: Mike Bohn Will Be Judged On One Thing

    1. How ’bout 3-10? Maybe not. The guy exudes integrity!

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    2. Agreed. With the returning talent, the upgrade in assistants and the decline in the Pac 12 this season, SC could win the Pac 12 South and the league title and end up 10-2 and either win their bowl game and end up 11-2 or make the NC playoff. The schedule sets up perfectly for the team this year. All of the Pac 12 away games are against teams that are either breaking in a new QB or a new coach or are woeful like UA and the ruins.

      Folt will not allow Bohn-head to fire a coach after going 11-2.

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      1. gt –I wonder what happens if we don’t get to play a 2020 season. Does the whole team stay intact for 2021? Would the NCAA grant schools a “hibernation” year?

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      2. I’m afraid that You have been smoking 420 to excess yet again. 10-2 drinking the cardinal and gold kool-aid, forewarned with terrible side effects. 1) never meeting expectations 2) never getting full potential development of players 3) same tired excuses 4) being in denial spending money on a flawed program 5) demonstration of emotions and passion for a university that’s had 3 university presidents ( 1 interim) 3 athletic directors & 1 football coach. 6) Sam Darnold/ Smith-Schuster / Aghlor with an inferiority “ Gumbo “ offense. 7) logically 8-4 record with losses to Alabama, Oregon & losses to 2/3 you decide between UCLA/ Arizona State and or Notre Dame. Don’t live in Denial. Great symphony but the worst conductor ever.

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    3. 10 win regular season is good as can be expected. That means two
      victories at least over ucla, ND, Oregon and Alabama. Scott don’t be
      an idiot with your tirades against Helton if he can accomplish that


  1. Hah. Already Scott is back to offering the “USC recruits USC” schtick to criticize any semblance of recruiting success. Never gives any of the credit when some is due, and is always the first to criticize.

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  2. My take is that regardless of the record this season, if there is one, the corona virus thing
    will be used as an excuse to retain Helton. There is something about him that makes
    judging on pure merit almost impossible and thus making somewhat unpleasant decisions very hard to come by. Greasy.

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  3. 4 Star, 5 Star…. whatever! this team needs to prove it on the field! Time to stop talking about it and be about it!…. As soon as this epidemic is over of course.


  4. Scratching my head trying to figure out how or why Helton would get credit for any improvements, record or recruiting wise. It’s not his offense. It’s not his defense. The staff is not his. He does not call plays. He does not inspire the team, doesn’t inspire doesn’t inspire the fans, doesn’t inspire the recruits, doesn’t inspire the donors, doesn’t inspire the sponsors, nor does he inspire the non-homer media. All signs point to figurehead… and a pretty crappy one at that.

    To believe otherwise and blindly chirp “he ain’t no 2-dimensional cardboard cut-out, he’s our ball coach dang it!” would then leave us with two ways to explain coaching top shelf talent to a 13-13 (or thereabouts) record sans #14:
    1. The I Wasn’t But Now Am Smart Theory (aka “I’m your older brother Michael Theory”).
    The energy efficient (i.e. “low watt”) headcoaching lightbulb that is currently flickering deep within heltons shiny melon was only turned on in search of job-savin clues following the Holiday Gongshow, er I mean Bowl.
    Brass tacks: He ain’t bright. Anyone who’s just recognizing what the entirety of college football figured out at least 2 years ago by definition ain’t no leader. Not of men, not of mice.
    2. The I Answer To God Not Contract Law Theory.
    He was bound by some sorta extraordinary higher-level integrity, loyalty, and/or conviction, that you and I can’t see, only he, (or any similar kinda ballyhoo) to the good men he hired as staff, men he proudly stood by, as we absorbed loss after painful loss. And its only because of this fierce loyalty that we’ve sucked since Sam said bye. If not for that loyalty it’d be Slovis, not Burrow, H not O, USC not LSU, carne asada not gumbo, getting all the higher glory right now. Well, even if elephants flew and this were the case, and Clay did know the issue(s) plaguing his teams (his coaching hires) but refused to fix cause he pinky swore his daddy, it would mean he prioritized personal “gain” over doing what’s best for team, and by extension, the fans who exchange cash for an expected level of performance. That’s gotta violate some sorta small-ish contract provision I would think…

    Anywho, that’s the main three theories I see floatin’ ’round, and all three have unacceptable takeaways that I have to beleive Bohn sees as well. And if Bohn has shown anything in his career, it’s that homeboy knows how to stay employed in a very high-profile, high pressure line of work. No way he risks his direct deposit by keeping the ticking timebomb known as Clay Helton around past this season.


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