Notes: USC Legend Honor; Pac-12 Suspends Activities

Richard Wood was the first three-time All-American in the history of USC and did it during an era when freshmen were ineligible.

He still doesn’t always get his due and was not admitted into the USC Hall of Fame into 2007.

I’m mentioning him today because the Athletic did an article on the best players to wear each jersey number. Wood was named the best player for No. 83.

  • The Pac-12 suspended organized team activities through May 31.

The confernece is not allowing virtual supervised workouts.

It will allow virtual group activities, like watching film, to two hours per week for football and four hours for other sports.

  • Former USC linebacker Quinton Powell has been hospitalized with the coronavirus.

7 thoughts on “Notes: USC Legend Honor; Pac-12 Suspends Activities

    1. The way this thing is being reported leaves a lot to be desired, karma. It’s a little like how the media covered the east coast “super storm” of a few months ago (that turned out to be a big nothing). Only difference? This time the reporting is even more breathless.

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  1. Scottie, great pick regarding Richard (Batman) Wood — the best linebacker ever to play the college game at his size – 210 lbs, and 3 time All American.

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  2. The “BATMAN” was probably the most talented middle linebacker to every play at USC. He could do it all: VERY PHYSICAL, AS FAST AS MANY RUNNING BACKS, AND A GREAT TEAM LEADER.

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  3. Batman Woods is very underrated. 3 time All American and he doesn’t get a mention? I don’t think SC ever has had a 3 time AA except for him. That is an incredible honor

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