USC Lands Third Graduate Transfer

Wofford post player Chevez Goodwin has committed to USC, the third graduate to commit to the Trojans since the season ended.

Goodwin averaged 11.9 points and 6.2 rebounds per game last season.

USC is really going to be quite a mix next season with returining players, grad transfers and incoming freshmen. Not to mention guard Noah Baumann, who redshirted last season after transferring from San Jose State.

It’s real Frankenstein team.

19 thoughts on “USC Lands Third Graduate Transfer

    1. Something tells me the beat downs we administer to poor UCLA are gonna be even worse next year….

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      1. Michael, if you think Hillary looks scary in Pudley’s avatar now, wait until she sees what happens next year in Pauley vs. Trojans.

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      2. gt —Here’s a good one for you — I made a comment about Larry Scott allowing us to go with more than 5 players next year ….and it got censored (probably cuz the moderators thought I was referring to some other kind of ‘group activity’)…..


      1. “In times of turbulence it is often comforting to listen to the sweet, sweet sound that only victory brings…..”


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      2. Dear Pisley, did you just miss the 15 to 3 train to “Fungo to the junk” field?

        Total NCAA NC’s: UCLA 118…………Clown U 107.

        Dear Pisley, since SUCCX bb is OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOforever, you keep the tinker bell. Even an AH like yourself Pisley needs something to sleep with.


      3. Ah, somebody’s but hurts again eh little buddy?? Must be playing cabin boy again…

        Not that there’s anything wrong with it.

        Oops, almost forgot


  1. Dear Pisley once said facts matter.


    In 8 bozo years, Andyain’twinning has lost 2 of 3 total games in the NCAA Tournament. Just stinking Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge! Muy Impressive!


  2. Just Rent,
    Say ur comment is correct, 118 to 107, which I doubt, but for argument sake u are correct, then with ugly buying 11 basketball championships which should not count, then it is tied. Also, SC doesn’t play softball, so that just padded uglies champioships


  3. If I were a player that wanted to go to USC for everything that it offers on top of or outside of basketball, I would grad transfer there if the opportunity presented itself.. These guys know their ceilings- at best, role players on some NBA team; chemistry guys who won’t be the star in college either. These guys are essential to basketball teams. The opposite of a Star football player who won’t play special teams in the pros; they do the grunt work on the team. Works out for them, works out for the team.


    1. If Grad Xfers were so outstanding, why would the Xfer’s original NCAA teams agree to their xfer? Surely, no sane BB coach would encourage an integral part of the team to leave with eligibility.

      I mean who can forget Charles “the Chuckster” Buggs, Andyain’twinning’s most wildly successful Grad Xfer? Chuckie was yuuuuuuuuuge!


      1. I am not sure if we hold opposing viewpoints, Owns. Grad Xfers have put in their time so to speak and have earned the right to explore other schools. I believe USC has a bigger grad school than undergrad and therefore transferring there for things outside of BB makes sense.

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  4. Mule
    I’ll go slow so holler if it’s too fast. Student athletes often desire to continue into masters programs. Some of those schools even have a team seeking a player & can offer a scholie so the grad school & the team can be combined.
    I completely understand your dirth of knowledge in this field. You are used to having players steal sunglasses when they represent the United States. With Einsteins like these guys, I do understand why the concept of ‘ATHLETE’ & ‘GRAD SCHOOL’ is foreign to the ruin mind.

    Chip on.

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