Did Andy Enfield Stiff LSU?

LSU coach Will Wade said Monday night that believed USC would play the Tigers in Baton Rouge next season but it will probably not happen now.

“That has not gone the way we planned. That would be the nice way to say it,” Wade said. “Probably not this year for sure. Maybe the following year.

“The only time people lie more than in recruiting is in scheduling.”

Wade thought USC would come to Baton Rouge after he agreed to play USC at Staples Center last season. He obviously doesn’t know Andy Enfield’s history of not playing a good non-conference schedule.

This is where some apologist will say, “Hey, USC is playing Kansas next season!”

This is true. But why can’t you play both? That’s what programs that have top 5 recruiting classes do.

More importantly, how about you return the favor after a team travels to Los Angeles to give you a game that turned out to be one of your “quality wins.”

I’m sure Enfield thinks he is really sacrificing by playing Kansas, so he wants no part of LSU.

Can you imagine Enfield coaching at Michigan State? The Spartans played Kentucky, Seton Hall, Georgia, UCLA and Duke last season. Enfield would pass out if he ever played that schedule.

11 thoughts on “Did Andy Enfield Stiff LSU?

      1. Hmmm…….Well I like beating UCLA even if it’s in Men’s Checkers. But Andy’s won 3 of 4 vs the Bruins.
        Our certified p*ssy just rubbed out 2 straight wins over the Bruins. Or all over the face of Mick Cronin. Call him Andy or Big Daddy from now on!


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  1. “The only time people lie more than in recruiting is in scheduling.”

    Wade is accusing Enfield of lying?

    Something doesn’t add up here. Did both schools sign a home and away agreement?

    Or was this a handshake deal? Or something else?

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  2. I’ll be glad when it’s finally over and done with, Andy Enfield, and Bozo Clay Helton need to be shown the door, with pink slips in hand

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    1. It will be 130 years since basketball was invented next season and USC still hasn’t won a men’s title. That is unacceptable given the taent available in Sou

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  3. Memo to: Sammy

    As of April Fools Day, Andyain’twinning is still 6 – 10 vs UCLA.

    “Big Daddy,” after 8 years and $25 million in the bank, has lead bozo bb to three (3) whole NCAA Tournament games and lost 2.

    #Fooking En Fuego!!! and still OOOOOOforever.


  4. Is this the Will Wade on HBO’s “The Scheme?” The one admitting on the FBI-wiretapped call that he paid money to recruit players? The coach who, after he loses his job will be lucky to avoid time in a federal prison? Is this the guy who is suggesting we lied to him? Wow.

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