USC’s College Football Playoff Odds Are Not Bad

USC has the 13th-best odds per Fox Bet to make the College Football Playoff at 6/1. The only Pac-12 team ahead of the Trojans is Oregon.

That’s a lot of confidence in Clay Helton. Clemson, Alabama, Ohio State and Oklahoma are the top four teams per Fox Bet.

Here are the Pac-12 teams’ odds below:

  • 5/1—Oregon
  • 6/1—USC
  • 9/1—Washington
  • 11/1—Utah
  • 40/1—Arizona State
  • 50/1—UCLA
  • 55/1—Arizona
  • 75/1—Stanford

16 thoughts on “USC’s College Football Playoff Odds Are Not Bad

      1. It is hard to believe that ucla athletics already burned through their initial under armour $$ and now needs an implicit taxpayer bailout.

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    1. Our odds at the NC will look a lot better after we beat Alabama, 67 —[which we are sure to do now that Helton has shared with Coach Saban the fact he’s concentrating on duplicating what Michigan’s offense did in the first half against Alabama]……

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      1. Michael, you never know, you just never know. Will both lines come out believing that they can compete with ‘Bama and push them around? In ’16, both lines looked beaten after the first couple of series and that really determined the entire game outcome.

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      2. 67 —As much as I’d dearly LOVE to see USC’s O-Line push ANYBODY around in 2020 —I keep thinking that watching Drevno drag his overweight carcass around in practice is gonna demoralize our players…

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    2. Odds for making playoffs vs naty. It’s really “odds SC can have >3 losses with neither loss being the CCG game. book makers seem to think SC has a 15% chance of that happening. Or put another way an 85% chance SC gets 3 losses or moreand/or can’t win the conference. Harsh but about right.

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      1. Things change if Helton is fired after Alabama and the team is infused with a renewed sense of life [and Helton is given all day to read the bible and clean up the kitchen table and walk the dogs and make insincere offers of arranging medical aid for sick people]……..

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