USC Morning Buzz: Clay Helton Can See Light If He Gets To 2021

Fans are starting to ask me if the coronavirus will save Clay Helton’s job?

Obviously, we are not at that point yet but I’m hearing about it more often.

If the football season gets canceled, would Helton get fired with 0-0 record?

Here’s the crazy part: USC will play Oregon and Washington this season. But it won’t play them in 2021 or 2022. How happy would the USC administration be to avoid paying Helton’s buyout and keep him three more seasons? The problem is there might be a lot less fans buying tickets with Helton around.

Of course, the loss of the 2020 football season would be disastrous for a lot of athletic programs. USC had $60.1 million in football revenue for the 2017 season. Expenses were $32.9 million.

That’s a profit of around $27 million and a lot of this money supports virtually every other sport because usually only men’s basketball is also profitable.

Getting back to buyouts, the chart below from shows Nebraska spent more than $27 million the past 15 years on football/basketball buyouts.

Private schools are not required to offer this information so they are not listed. But you can see why USC was reluctant to spend $15-20 million if it fired Helton.

For the record, USC paid Lane Kiffin around $6 million after he was fired. Steve Sarkisian lost a $30 million lawsuit against USC that claimed he was improperly fired.

11 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Clay Helton Can See Light If He Gets To 2021

  1. From another POV one could argue that the University is, and will be, grossly overpaying Sir Helton for the lead secretary position he’s essentially (and rightly) been reduced to. If his only game day task is to faux growl some limpdick pump-up speech he stole from Sesame St. (see “juiceless = useless), and his practice day routine consists of blowing a whistle to let players know it’s ice cream break, you can easily replace him with an employment agency temp worker for around $30k.

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  2. I think the real question is two fold: 1) how many fans is Helton costing the program and
    2) how many fans will a top flight coach bring to the program? For the administration
    it’s all about money. With the exception of Meyers of course.

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  3. Roughly crunching the numbers:
    Helton’s Annual Salary: $3.8m
    Avg. Seasonal Temp* Salary: $30k
    Total 3yr Savings if Fire Now: $11.31m

    This begs the question: how much is his buyout? We might only be a couple m’s shy…

    *must have clean record and dependable transportation

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  4. Heck, I hadn’t even factored in the lost rev and such that comes with a half empty Coli. If applied to the above we might be looking at a surplus of cash if we get going on the temp employ deal…

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  5. We need to have that Alabama game if nothing else, because it will clearly tell the story on the lack of progress the USC football program has made under Clay Helton. The Trojans have a worse team then they had the last time they met the Crimson Tide, and yes, that’s possible under Bozo Helton.

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    1. Thanks, I was not aware of this.

      The 800 lb gorilla within the NCAA is their failure to deal with Sam Gilbert. Many reasons, ranging from the sh*t show that would have occurred had Wooden the untouchable been implicated in gross rules violations associated with a mobster, to stripping ucla of 10 titles.

      And for those who say Wooden didn’t know about the rules violations, he was perfectly willing to let a mobster have complete, 24/7 access to kids on the team. It is fortunate that one of the bruin kids did not get mixed up with something much, much worse, given Gilbert’s associates.

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      1. The only problem with bashing Wooden and Gilbert is that the same stuff was going on with John McKay and John Robinson That led to the exit of JRob and the devastating 1982-85 NCAA probation. President Zumberge released a searing report of over 300 ringers admitted to USC over the previous 2 decades.

        The ruins do enough dumb things every day now that we don’t have to go rehash the past. Better to let Owns have his basketball thing to brag about and let sleeping dogs lie.

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  6. If I am grossly negligent, unprepared and unqualified to do my job I would be fired. No buyout no golden parachute, nothing- and I have been blocked from unemployment because a vindictive employer. I am currently a salaried employee and I can still be fired.
    Why do the knuckleheads in the athletic department negotiate such idiotic contracts? I might be able to see maybe one year salary guaranteed, but the whole contract? There must be a loophole, that the law school can exploit.
    For instance is Clay Helton a tenured professor? Then he must have a higher degree. Is he Dr. Helton? Maybe he’s abused his patients and our patience.

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    1. You’re forgetting ONE thing, Truman: If Helton got offered a contract that limited him to a year’s salary upon early termination — he would have walked out. USC would have lost him foreve……

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