USC Notes: 2006 Rose Bowl Is Back

Yesterday, Kentucky forward Johnny Juzang announced his top six schools that he would transfer to and USC was not listed.

This was surprising, including to Kentucky insider Matt Jones, who said, “the USC staff was a factor in his decision to transfer.”

Is it legal for a staff to talk to a player before they transfer?

It wouldn’t be the first time. Remember, Tim Floyd accused Andy Enfield of tampering with Isaac Hamilton, after he signed with UTEP.

“I called Andy Enfield and he told me he’s not taking Isaac Hamilton, that ‘we’re out of that.’ But I told him the damage had already been done,” Floyd said.

Hamilton eventually went to UCLA because Enfield was forced to back off when it all went public.

ESPN will show the 2006 USC-Texas game at 5 p.m. PT on Thursday.


31 thoughts on “USC Notes: 2006 Rose Bowl Is Back

      1. Even with one of the younger and weaker Defenses Pete had that year, USC should have won that game by double digits. Then again, Miami should have done the same to Ohio State in 2002 too.

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      2. Reggie did lots of great stuff for us —that lateral was not one of them. But then again the wasted time out with a minute to go wasn’t Pete’s slickest move of the season either….in some ways it was dumber than going with Lendale on the 4th and two. We might have scored on that final drive if we had a time out to work with.

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      3. Great point MG! We just needed a field goal to go to OT and quickly got past midfield to the Texas 43 with 8 seconds left but the wasted time out forced Matt to pass as time ran out.

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  1. For obvious reasons, SECPN will never air the 2005 Orange Bowl. The Push ’em down, keep ’em down strategy continues after 10 years. A game nearly the equal of the 2006 Rose Bowl (Auburn/Florida State 2013/14) is also noticeably absent from replays.

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  2. Now wait a minute, Andyain’twinning says “he dinna know squat” again!

    Can’t wait until the NCAA drops a dime on lying Andyainwinning’s bozo bb program.


      1. Funny after I sent that I seen all the headlines about us jumping in the mix.

        I was totally off. Michigan fans are so cocky they seem to think Juwan Howard has him locked up. If I’m a Michigan fan I’m a little worried.

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      2. Josh definitely is appreciative that Nick and Ziaire want him to join. It’s still very early and he could settle his feelings down but I like our position with him now more than ever. I read on USCHoops that there was talk before the season that Josh had been a silent commit. I don’t know how true that is but he wanted to see how much would be added to the class from what I read. But it’s interesting that his dad wants the team he picks to be a team that realizes he is only there for one season and to prepare him for the pros. With Kevin Porter Jr being a 1st rounder and now Onyeka Okongwu certain to be a 1st rounder and possibly a top 4 pick I think we have a chance at stocking people on signing day. That would be a tough three to beat…….

        SG Josh Christopher
        SF Ziaire Williams
        C Evan Mobley


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      3. Yup. He visited several times during the season, including game days, but it was kept very low profile. If it happens, it would make USC BB a very big ticket.

        Poor poor miserable owns…


  3. USC pulled away from Johnny Juzang because Josh Christopher and Zaire Williams are thinking of playing together at USC next year in a package deal which will shock the college basketball world. Both players are very serious about staying home closer to families due to corona virus scare, and USC being very successful putting one and one players in the NBA lately. For that reason USC passed on Johnny in the last day or so thinking they now have a good chance to get both Zaire and Josh.

    You got it here first. I am just saying! We shall see what happens but UCLA Arizona are trying to prevent this.

    Hard to believe USC is finally becoming a factor in basketball, but this one could put us on the map. Let’s see if Enfield and staff can put this package together and mold a team which has not happened in the past.
    I like the mix of players they are putting together with graduate transfers, physical players, and HS recruits who will develop beyond 1 year.

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    1. Wow, what an intriguing recruiting scenario.

      However, Andyain’twinning has shown he has problems coaching superstar/veteran-laden teams – they routinely underachieve. For example, Mr. Hewitt, the 2019-20 SUCCX team, sporting the #4 recruiting class, finished tied for 3rd in conf., behind 2nd place UCLA, even though they defeated UCLA twice.

      Both Joshua and Zaire are one and done recruits, who will no doubt be showing off for NBA scouts should they decide to 1 season camp at bozo u.

      I doubt Andyain’twinning will be coaching the twins as opposed to gettin’ the ball to whichever 5 star is hot – hardly the definition of team bb.

      J & Z to Clown U would shock the CBB world – but is it worth it?

      Only one person can bat clean-up.


      1. USC never extended the opportunity to Johnny because they have 7 scholarships opening up after this upcoming season. Too many fish out there for USC to let him sit and wait on the bench a year and take up a ride.

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      2. What you conveniently forgot to add in that was that USC finished off the regular season HOT beating U…C…L….A….., ASU, and Arizona.

        That was big Owns. Momentum. It’s about the momentum. Something UCLA had until USC brought them back down a peg in the last game. Enfield still hasn’t won me over but he’s brought the program a long ways and even a Bruin fan should be able to admit to that.

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    2. I think we have his dad on our side right now. He wants a style of ball that USC runs but he stresses the goal of preparing Josh to leave for the NBA and we have seen Chimeze Metu, Kevin Porter Jr, and Onyeka Okongwu prove that Enfield can push kids out to the pros with the program he runs. The transfers are looking like they are going to be immediate impacts as well. The stats they put up are impressive and could be a serious threat added to a top notch freshman class if we land Christopher and William’s. The coronavirus has to be a factor as well and staying closer to home seems what would be best and coul
      d happen.


  4. Just a hint– Swaggy P -Nick Young knows now just like Bo use to know.
    Nick is a great Trojan really recruits hard for the Trojans. Everyone likes him, and I am positive they are listening just wait and see. I am just saying there are some great things in the works let’s hope it happens.

    One day Nick will be an assistant coach at USC once he fully matures as a person and realizes his pro basketball career is finally over.

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      1. Nick communicates very clearly, and with few words, both of which are a sign of maturity.

        Nick’s tweet from the Warriors ’18 celebration:

        “I’m lit!”

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  5. Hey Owns
    You are the epitome of a sad waste of DNA. Your parents must be so proud.

    Please go on the UCLA blog and spew your negativity there. Oops they don’t have one. Enough said

    Owns you forever will be known as:
    Just Owns Coronavirus


      1. Hey you creep! Snore away for 20 yrs. like Rip Van Winkle. That shit ass
        school in Westwood deserves your pathetic following. When was the last
        time you were on their campus?


  6. I’ll say this out loud.
    A direct message to Scott Wolf.



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