First Dodgers, Will DirecTV Add Pac-12 Network?

The Dodgers will be on DirecTV after Spectrum Networks reached a deal with the satellite TV provider.

Naturally, someone will wonder if this means the Pac-12 Network is next for DirecTV?

I would caution against expecting this to happen. AT&T, which owns DirecTV, probably did this to make the provider appear more attractive to potential buyers.

The Dodgers add value. The Pac-12 Network does not. The Dodgers have won countless division titles, NLCS titles and made World Series appearances.

What has the Pac–12 done? It’s a soft, mediocre conference without a rabid fan base. Pac-12 attendance last season (46,588) was its lowest since 1982.

So why would AT&T want that? Unless it could get a sweetheart deal, which Larry Scott has never wanted to offer.

  • Boston College QB Anthony Brown has transferred to Oregon and will be immediately eligible. Brown was a three-year starter and passed for 1,250 yards, nine touchdowns against two interceptions in six games last season before he got hurt.

2 thoughts on “First Dodgers, Will DirecTV Add Pac-12 Network?

  1. Larry Scott could have done a deal with DirecTV back in 2012, when the network was probably two or three times as valuable to a provider than it is now. Bravo, Larry!

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  2. There’s nothing attractive about the PAC 12 Network, the team that should be the face of the conference could careless about football, and has never even qualify for the NCAA playoffs.


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