A Surprising Recruiting Development

Cornerback Anthony Beavers of Narbonne was supposed to go to USC based on the USC-friendly pundits’ projections.

So it’s surprising he didn’t list USC among his final five schools. “USC didn’t want him,” will be the response from the apologists.


26 thoughts on “A Surprising Recruiting Development

      1. gt —Ha! [If USC really comes through 2020 in the fashion ESPN seems to think they will, I would probably be willing to forgive everything Lynn, Clay and Tim ever said or did]…..

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    1. Michael- I was an admirer of your wit,intelligence and humor. 67- is now king- How in the hell can you post that all will be forgiven Moron 1/2/3 Helt Ex#10 #22 can’t type their names that would be giving undeserving respect When Pete won 34 straight ( living in Utopia) I couldn’t forgive hack and still can’t. Michael- Please don’t read any just owns comments I am truly afraid of osmosis infecting you!


  1. Surprising final list of schools – he was highly regarded out of high school, but his list doesn’t include one first tier program.

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      1. I would believe that ranking any day of the week but those college football voters must have forgotten the fact that Clay Helton is still the head coach. I say we end up #19

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      2. You’re the shining example of the difference between being a dope and being dope.

        Every day and every way…westwood s’ucks


      3. Pudster, you’re assuming there will be a college football season in 2020. Personally, I’m not confident at all. 😦

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      4. No Tommy, I’m worried we won’t…just looking at the chinese and how they closed theaters AGAIN last week, I think there’s a real possibility that this isn’t done yet.

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      5. Pudly — I won’t be surprised if we truncate the season — but I’d be shocked if we didn’t have a season. I think the nation will be rebounding by late summer & we’ll be playing football come September.

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      6. Hoping you’re right…and there’s already news of a vaccine that is working in mice, so the ruins at very least, could move forward and play.

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      7. Pudly — I heard about that. In a way, the bruins have been given an unfair advantage this season —all the lab testing has been done on their football players…

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  2. Wow! What a mediocre list of schools to choose from. Not one of the schools is a top tier program and one is not even a Power Five school. Word on the street is that he is slow (4.8 40) and much shorter than his listed height of 6’0. Additionally, there are far better prospects that USC has a good chance of signing than Beavers. In my opinion, USC dodged a bullet. You cannot compete for National Titles with average recruits like Beavers.


    1. 25- I find 2 fallacies in your line of thinking. 1) I feel you are discounting Arizona State- Herm Edwards is quickly becoming a fantastic recruiter& ASU has more potential than the rest of the PAC-12 (south). Jayden Daniels right now would be my Pick as PAC-12 MVP. 2) Competing for National Championships ( how, Where ,Why) I see 4 losses this season ( Alabama,Oregon,Notre Dame, Arizona State) Just remember our coach “ can screw up a cup of coffee.” Please don’t get me wrong, I loved your sentiments but I cannot agree until there is a change of head coach. Hope can be a good thing but expectations are not.


    1. No, my friend from the bay area, USA Today’s Top 25 is not “as likely” as ESPN’s. It’s well established that ESPN tells [and even predicts] only the truth….


      1. MG,
        What happens on Maui stays on Maui. Literally. Wear a mask & pray to Kamehameha that they don’t nix the internet/cell.



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