USC Morning Buzz: Yelling And Coaching Are Different Things

USC held only one spring practice before the coronavirus restrictions put everything on hold.

Here are the things to watch when analyzing the entirely new defensive staff:

  1. Do they have players in the right positions?
  2. Yelling and energy are two different things
  3. You can’t yell and teach at the same time
  4. When you have total defensive energy, it comes by itself
  5. Only time will tell if the USC coaches can master that

The reason I focus so much on yelling is these days it is fashionable for coaches to simply yell in order to get attention, instead of coach. The yellers draw the attention of fans and media.

But the teachers can draw more out of players. It is possible, but rare, to do both. Ed Orgeron is a yeller who also teaches. So was Marv Goux. We will see whether the current defensive coaches can do both.

  • Orgeron has filed for divorce from his wife Kelly, according to the Advocate. The couple were married Feb. 19, 1997.

14 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Yelling And Coaching Are Different Things

  1. You’d be surprised at how many coaches confuse yelling with teaching, especially at the high school level . I would imagine if a coach had confidence in his ability to communicate, and teach, them we wouldn’t hear so much yelling, and profanity.

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    1. What would Private Pile be, without Sargent Carter? When Pile ain’t gettin the picture, Carter paints with deeper hews….process makes perfect….

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      1. When you have role reversal, you get 13-12….ugh!!!!! Times are changin, if you don’t take it more seriously, who else should?


      2. When the plague is lifted, play to win, every darn day of your life. Fight On, and win, for Ole SC!


      3. When, when, when? If you haven’t already, now’s the time to pray. He’s open for business. If you don’t know how or who to pray to, find someone who does. They’ll coach you up, without the yelling…


    2. Fan Boy — Obviously Helton has to do more than just yell. He needs to (1) yell and (2) have a designated player make a statement about how this year is gonna be different cuz Helton yelled at him…..

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  2. Scott are you really trying to criticize the way they are going about coaching these players?

    Have you ever coached?
    Are you currently coaching a 40+ mens soccer team?

    Funny that he points out there was only one practice but yet his main objective was to target yelling at one days observation on a bunch of new coaches.


      1. After 1 practice with so many new coaches Scott just proves why he’s always searching for something to knock the team. Why wasn’t this brought to our attention the day of the first practice? A month later he mentions what he considers “yelling or coaching”.
        While we’re on the subject Wolf has been saying all along that the team needs discipline or toughness. Now he spills his coffee after he hears shouting and wants to spin things around on the approach of a two hour 1st day of spring.


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