New Home For USC Ticket Office?

I’m hearing the USC ticket office, which has been in the student union since at least the 1930’s, is almost certain to move to the Galen Center.

There’s certainly little demand for tickets over there except maybe on nights of big basketball games. The question is whether USC uses available ticket booths or opens a different spot at the arena to buy football tickets, etc.

3 thoughts on “New Home For USC Ticket Office?

  1. Maybe Clay Helton can become the USC Ticket Sales Manager he seems like he does not have enough to do now that the assistant coaches are doing all the work. I am sure he would resign which is what USC wants him to do anyway freeing them of any buyout clauses in his contract.

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  2. Maybe they’re moving over there simply for physical office space. Everyone buys tix online now. Maybe the ticket office just needs more space and a bit of an upgrade that the Galen Center provides.



  3. Mr. Dolson,

    Why would Helton resign? he makes $3 million per year. Why give up the gravy train. He won’t resign. he loves it hear and he will stay as long as he can. That is my thought. Thank you.


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